Potluck Buddies Introduces Fresh Approach to Potluck Event Management

ARLINGTON, TN - 12/10/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Rad Capital, Inc. announces the official launch of Potluck Buddies, a free mobile friendly web application devoted to managing potluck events.  The application provides a fast loading, secure way to create a potluck, invite contacts and coordinate the menu for an event.  With a focus of bringing communities together, Potluck Buddies motto is, “Eat together, Laugh together, Share the love.”  Kris Spencer, CTO, commented, “During the design of Potluck Buddies, our main focus was to maintain the importance of empowering the idea of community being equal to providing an elegant and easy to use interface.  Socializing over a shared meal is intrinsic to human nature since the beginning of recorded history, and the idea of a potluck transcends all time, cultures and geographic boundaries.  With that in mind, we intend to measure success through the number of friends, families and cultures we help bring together.”

Visitors to PotluckBuddies.com are able to create an account free of charge.  Once logged in, the “Potluck Wizard” will take the party host through the potluck event creation process step-by-step.  The party host can request and assign items to guests and then invite them either by private email invitation or send out a link to a password protected potluck page via SMS or social networks, where guests can RSVP.

Once invitations are sent out, the host can track who is attending and what menu items have been added by guests.  New features and services are already in development and are made available to visitors on a regular basis.

To learn more about Potluck Buddies, please visit http://potluckbuddies.com.

About Rad Capital, Inc.

Rad Capital is an internet based technology company that provides early stage funding and technical expertise, focusing on entity management, emerging markets and sharp ideas.  The company was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team, Kristopher and Radha Spencer, and is based in Arlington, Tennessee.

Media Contact

Company Name: Rad Capital, Inc.
Name: Kris Spencer
Phone: (901) 359-9259
Email Address: kspen72@gmail.com
Website: http://potluckbuddies.com

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