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11/19/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- There is no doubt in the minds of those involving in marketing that scientific research plays an integral part in getting products off the shelves. However it alone cannot help you as it is important to think like a consumer, their interaction with your product and what makes them choose your product. This is where qualitative research comes in. Point Consultancy is one of the top qualitative research agencies in Middle East that offers numerous services to its clients.  Market research Middle East companies want is where they can get real insights into their consumers buying preferences, how they perceive their services and what they think when they see a product or service. For that reason latest methodologies in market research in Dubai are imperative.

Mr Marc Habbak of Point Consultancy said” We at Point Consultancy believe that creativity, scientific research and out of the box thinking is imperative in qualitative research. When it comes to Market research Middle East offers numerous options. These are offering you services that rely on traditional methods. But at Point Consultancy we go an extra mile compared to other market research companies in Dubai as we try to get real insights from consumers and not just answers from our questions.  You have to admit that where statistics only tell you “how many”, qualitative research tells you “why”.

UAE is quite tricky for new entrants in the country. The traits, the culture and also the language of the country can be difficult to tackle when conducting a qualitative research. Many companies looking for insights and trends in Middle East face the problem as well. To get the complete picture, it is imperative that you learn about them and make the right decision. Market research companies in Dubai like Point Consultancy have teams dedicated towards qualitative research that bring their expertise and various tools to help you get the best understanding of your target consumers and how they will make their decisions.

Creative qualitative research is now more important compared to ten years ago. Consumers are now exposed to wide array of media where they can form their opinions and decisions. Unlike other market research companies in Dubai or Middle East, Point Consultancy brings eye tracking UAE solutions as well where consumers can be tested for their viewing preferences and see how their eyes evaluate a service or product.

For new businesses that are coming to Middle East or Dubai, it is important that they know what local consumers think. This is where companies like Point Consultancies are helping them to get the true picture of the market.

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