Peter Pawelko of PRO Home 1 explains why fiber-cement siding is the most beneficial in ROI

Home Remodeling: Get the #1 Return on Your Investment
Peter Pawelko of PRO Home 1 explains why fiber-cement siding is the most beneficial in ROI

1/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Spring is drawing near and in no time homeowners will be searching for remodeling ideas, options and how to best invest their money in a house remodeling project.

Peter Pawelko, Co-Founder and General Manager of PRO Home 1, Inc., located in Wood Dale, Illinois will be celebrating a 10-year anniversary this year. Pawelko shares what he has discovered over the years in what homeowners rate as their most valuable remodeling expense. "Many homeowners grow frustrated with remodeling; we don’t want to be that kind of contractor. Our motto is ‘Straight Talk. Home Proud.’ And that’s what we want our clients to experience. We assess the home, we discuss solutions with owners and based on our insights they make the best choices. It’s as simple as that.”

In response to “What were Pro Home 1’s most difficult exterior remodeling jobs”, Pawelko stated, "There haven’t been many. Naturally, some of the jobs we've completed had initially seemed as something complicated, but because our priority is communication, we strive to achieve the expected outcome with simpler and beneficial solutions.”

To assist homeowners and to help them choose the right solution, Pawelko explains why James Hardie fiber-cement siding is an ideal choice in a long-term remodeling investment:

1. Investment = Savings 
Fiber-cement siding is durable, resistant and protects the home. It is far less expensive than wood siding. It resists water, protects against mold, pests and doesn’t promote cracking, swelling or warping and doesn’t become brittle in cold temperatures. You get minimal upkeep and not to mention it looks great on any home.

2. Warranty Protection
Homeowners get a 15-year on factory-applied finishes and 25 years to limited lifetime on defects. Also, there is an optional 30-year, non-prorated warranty.

3. Lower Insurance Premiums 
Fiber-cement siding unlike its counterpart vinyl siding is fire-resistant, rot-resistant and weather-resistant. In many areas, insurance providers offer lower rates because it withholds the harshest climates including but not limited to freezing temperatures, high humidity, moisture and winds. This results in a reduced amount of claims for damages and repairs.

Furthermore, Pawelko states homeowners have endless possibilities with fiber-cement siding: colors, special features, trims, shapes, types, etc. A design can be so unique that every home can essentially be advertised in a magazine.

Additional information on Pawelko and PRO Home 1, Inc is available by visiting the website at, calling the office directly at 630-581-7322 or sending an email to PRO Home 1, Inc. is a certified James Hardie cement siding contractor.

Peter Pawelko is available for interviews. Contact him directly at 630-581-7322.

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