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11/18/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- After 12 months of painstaking development, On Guard has launched a complimentary web-based rostering system that will offer unprecedented levels of convenience to existing customers. The system will allow customers to quickly and easily roster their staff, build up personnel folders, record time and attendance and set up detailed timesheets.

With just a few mouse clicks, users can have access to the most convenient, advanced online rostering system in the guard management industry. After logging in to the On Guard system, customers enter the shift patterns for various staff members. Next, you enter the details and requirements of each guard site, as well as the personal details of the staff member. Photos of each guard can easily be uploaded into the personnel folder. Once staff members are captured on the system, you can specify where each one works, and with one click they are rostered for a specific site.

The system immediately shows under and over-posting, allows you to print out rosters for each staff member, and records time and attendance for guards clocking in.

“For 15 years we have been the forerunners in developing web and cloud-based applications for the guarding industry. We are excited to launch the new web-based rostering system as a free service for our clients, as we believe it will add new levels of convenience and be a huge benefit to customers looking to keep track of their staff,” says On Guard Managing Director Richard Frost.

The new system requires only half an hour to 45 minutes of free training to fully understand, compared to a day or two for competing systems.

“The cloud-based nature of the programme means that there is no maintenance required to upgrade individual computers, which is highly labour intensive. We have received wonderful feedback from customers who have done the training and we are looking forward to contacting more customers to set up training sessions,” Frost says.

The web-based system adds to On Guard’s cloud-based offerings, which also include a mobile app that allows companies without on-site On Guard systems to record time and attendance.

“When staff members clock in, they simply type a pin number into a wall-mounted tablet. A photo is taken to prove identity, and admin staff can develop accurate time and attendance reports,” Frost explains.

 The company is also building a database of work histories for guards, which will allow employers to establish the factual circumstances of a staff member’s previous job positions, as well as to verify membership with the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority (PSIRA).

Because of the web-based nature of their applications, On Guard can easily be used by any company around the world.

“On Guard’s objective is to make customers’ lives as simple as possible and cover every possible service they may need to monitor and manage their staff at the least cost,” Frost concludes.

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