New Unicorn Flask Leak Proof Water Filter Bottle with Carabiner can save you from drinking polluted water

MIDDLETOWN, DE - 12/22/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Are you not sometimes sure whether the water you drink is really clean and harmless to your health?

Unicorn Flask Leak Proof Water Filter Bottle will get you perfectly clean and pure drinking water. Unicorn Flask by Unicorn Quality is perfect gift for hikers, travelers and people who are living or staying in area which is lack of clean drinking water. Unicorn Flask Outdoor Water Bottle ensures clean and drinkable water immediately, including rain water, river water, well water, lake water and ground water without using any external equipment. The Unicorn Flask is ideal for daily use, outdoor adventuring, emergency relief situation, civil defense application and place which is lack of clean water. With Unicorn Flask Water Filter Bottle you can practically drink from any source of water!

This outdoor water bottle with straw is made of BPA Free Tritan, which means that Unicorn Flask Water Filter Bottle does not contains any unhealthy bisphenol. Unicorn Flask is made of proper Tritan plastic. It is impact-resistant plastic that extends the useful life of Unicorn Flask Water Filter Bottle for many years.

Unicorn flask Filtration Technology is based on filtering water through Hollow-Fiber Membrane and Coconut Actived Carbon from Malaysia. The filter fineness is only 0.2 microns, therefore Unicorn Flask removes up to 99, 9 % of waterborne bacteria and protozoa including heavy metals. Unicorn Flask is leak proof thanks to quality silicone sealing inside upper part of bottle. Average filter bottle can filter around 1,000 liters of untreated water, Unicorn Flask Water filter Bottle can filter up to 1,500 liters without changing filter part inside. Great filter, huge filtering capacity with flowrate of 15 fl.oz (450 ml) per minute ensure long lifetime and give you fine water taste with PH neutral.

Unicorn Water Filter Bottle comes with carabiner to attach to your backpack and go anywhere. Moreover the Unicorn Flask Leak Proof Water Filter Bottle with Carabiner is packed to a beautiful gift box design.

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