New Cash Back Opportunity for Millennial Home Buyers in Denver's Smoking Hot Real Estate Market

DENVER, CO - 11/13/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc. now offers cash back, free down payment and other programs to help Millennials purchase homes in the hottest selling market in and around Denver, Colorado.

Help for Millennial Home Buyers

The fact that Denver is a smoking hot real estate market and Millennials are the largest home buying group is news on a national level, and Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc . is helping millennial home buyers navigate this market to get the best home, affordably. The experienced Real Estate agents at Colorado Flat Free Realty advise millennial home buyers about the available mortgage programs, free down payment, tax credit and offer a direct cash back incentive, in order to save money on buying their home. These programs and incentives make it possible for many to own homes in one of the most coveted areas of the country.

The Mile High city of Denver, located in Colorado has been named as one of the top ten places to live, especially for Millennials for a variety of reasons. Higher wages are available for Millennials and Gen Ys, along with trending neighborhoods, activities, events, award winning schools, a great transportation system and variety of cultural and educational attractions. Buying a home in this vibrant community is the best of circumstances for Millennials. Not only can they afford to live in Denver, home ownership benefits help improve the entire community.

One Millennial couple, Kent and Kellie Lighthall, found and purchased the perfect home through Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc.; who worked with the Lighthalls during their home buying process and they received $3,850 through the home buyer’s cash-back rebate program.

The Lighthalls state, "We cannot imagine a better home buying experience than the one we had with Colorado Flat Fee Realty. John and Sue Vizzi combine to make an excellent team. They are professional, courteous, and straightforward. John did whatever it took to get us a fair deal and made sure that we were buying a home that was right for us. On top of all of that, they offer a 1% rebate back on the purchase price of the home! I would recommend Colorado Flat Fee Realty without any simply won't find a better realtor. Colorado Flat Fee Realty gave us $3850 cash rebate when we purchased our home thru them. Thank you ." they said.

Visit our Millennial page for more information about the opportunity to millennial home buyers. Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc. can also be reached 303-300-9660 or via email at

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