Most Powerful Secure Phone Set To Hit the Market

11/17/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Wimi Defense announces the launch of  one of the most powerful secure phones, and on Jan 2016 it will be available pre-booking and purchase. This phone enables and ensures confidentiality of your data and conversations. If your work requires you to maintain highest standards of confidentiality and security of your information – This is THE  phone for you. The Wimi Defense secure phones are specially designed for anyone who works with or for the government, or has any secure information located on their phone. If you currently use a smart phone, and think you are secure, you are not. With smart phones you can be easily tracked, your conversations can be recorded, and all of your data can be stolen / cloned and or retrieved. Wimi Defense secure phones is designed to counter all these and many more perceived threats. It uses end to end encryption, a secure application, and VPN to ensure that your phone is secure from hackers and malicious applications intending to hijack or corrupt your data. Wimi Defense secure phone is built in a way that won't  permit any cloning / transferring or installation of third party apps. This helps avoid Trojans and Virus's. Wimi Defense Secure phone is fully encrypted and no data can be retrieved even if the phone itself is stolen. The secure phone also gives you added protection by including a layered security systems ensuring high end security to your data. Wimi Defense is a weapon designed for personal and societal safety and security. Nothing is more critical and important than your own personal security while at the same time upholding the responsibility delegated to you  when it comes to your job, or your life. To address this specific concern WIMI Defense has designed this exclusive product , leaving nothing to chance but everything designed on the basis of calculated innovative and tested methods. By clicking the link to contact Wimi Defense, you have just secured yourself  and your data access to  a new and powerful secure phone on the planet. 
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