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11/10/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Clayton Johnson has launched the SEO Company, Brightbox SEO. With his newest Minneapolis–Saint Paul based venture Clayton offers his 8 year SEO expertise to help companies gain their own brand recognition and search rankings online. Brightbox SEO offers a range of online marketing services including content marketing, speed optimization and link building to allow clients to develop their online presence. “Our goals are essentially the same with every client - to build up your brand’s presence all across the web and get your target audience knowing about your company” Clayton commented on the value his firm brings. “We’ll help you dominate for your keywords and kick your competition off the SERPs, building a strong link profile and a number of social profiles to rank for both your brand and keyword terms.” Clayton has tapped into his many connections in the world of online marketing to begin building his staff. Dimitri Karloff is the firm’s newest addition whose role is to manage the off-site side of SEO and media publishing. The Brightbox SEO team will continue to expand with other key appointments in the months to come. The main task of any respectable SEO service provider is to attract more visitors and conversions, but many of them are  focused only in pulling an increased number to its client’s online resource or website. Brightbox SEO knows how to nurture a client’s business through the identification of the right keyword and target market. The company provides customized on-page and off-page SEO strategies customized to individual business to meet the end goal of improved ROI. "Ben Novoselsky, Director at www.evepoints.com” said, describing his experience with the firm. “Brightbox SEO has done a fantastic job getting our website on the first page on Google for the majority of the target keywords. They provided valuable insights on our website onsite SEO and have been very helpful and knowledgeable about digital marketing. It was a pleasure working with Brihtbox SEO and we won't hesitate contracting again." As the firm grows, the Brightbox SEO team will create additional products and offer more services. Future releases include a new Internet marketing blog, a free WordPress plugin and a free on page analyzer. 

About Brightbox SEO

Founded by SEO and Internet marketing expert Clayton Johnson Brightbox SEO helps companies build their brand presence online. With a range of services including website development and hosting, video and content marketing, speed optimization and link building, the firm helps its clients use the Internet to drive more leads, make more sales and ultimately grow their businesses. For more information, visit: Brightbox SEO

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Company Name: Brightbox SEO
Address: Clayton Johnson
Email Address: contact@claytonjohnson.net
Website: http://brightboxseo.com/

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