Mexican Man Pursuing the American Dream by Building a Fashion Company from the Ground Up

LOS ANGELES, CA - 11/4/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- LEOPARDËT aims to bring back authentic American values while creating a minimalist and fashionable style through their new crowdfunding campaign.

According to the American Apparel & Footwear Association, it’s estimated that only 2.5% of the clothing purchased by U.S. consumers last year were made in the United States; a figure that is down from about 56% in 1991.

“We want to make the fashion statement with LEOPARDËT that it’s possible to have premium ‘Made in USA’ clothing with authentic values. We want to be a pioneer of a movement that will help bring back jobs to the millions that have been lost over the last years” commented Ari Jogiel, Mexican-Jewish-born and founder of LEOPARDËT.

Jogiel is working to buck the trend by bringing back fashion made here in the United States. Slated to debut a fully Made in USA line of ‘fresh and elegant styles’ through the Kickstarter platform, is working to bring back authentic American values, while creating a minimalistic fashionable style that will dress America better.

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch November 4 through December 11, with the goal of producing the fashion brand's first Made in USA line and to support the movement. The campaign will implement its own hashtag across various forms of social media. Users can use #theleap on Social Media platforms or search for The Leap by LEOPARDËT: Fashioning The American Dream on Kickstarter to show support and back the fashion crowdfunding campaign.

“Our company operates in a way that is ethical and commendable. We are not going to change the market overnight but want to change a trend set by multi-million dollar American companies that go overseas for cheaper labor” explains Ari. “Many millennials want to make a stand in their own lives by being socially conscious about the products they buy and where exactly those products are created’’.

Ari is hoping that they will appreciate and support all that LEOPARDËT stands for, along with his message that “the American Dream isn’t waiting for something to happen, but it’s the environment to make it happen for yourself”.

For media inquiries regarding LEOPARDËT, individuals are encouraged to contact, Founder, Ari Jogiel directly at 858-525-5648 or To learn more about the company or the designer, please visit:

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