Merchant Services Free POS System, NCR Point of Sale Swiper, Printer for Credit Card Processing

9/15/2015 8:00AM PST (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Whether you are a restaurant, tavern, bar of any store front business, this stylish, beautiful EMV/Chip card POS System will make your business run smoother.


1. Setup and account with us — unlike some other POS providers, NCR Silver lets you choose the best one for you.

2. Download NCR Silver on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Set up the basics in the back office, such as employee roles and unique modifiers that help you customize orders.

4. Attach an NCR Silver card reader to begin taking transactions.

5. Keep customers coming back with built-in loyalty programs without any cards, devices or additional apps.

6. Make smart business decisions, because with NCR Silver’s inventory tracking, you can easily choose what items you want to keep track of.

7. Market to your customers without ever leaving the back office by accessing captured contact information and email templates.

Call 1-888-895-3129 or visit for a free quote and free NCR Swiper.

Our rates are 1.25% for debit/check and 1.65% for credit card. No contract.

For more information, go to:

See the amazing features of what NCR Silver can do for your business.

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