Le Lab Reinvents the Shirt and Makes it Stainless, Antiperspirant, Elegant and Comfortable, All in One

Le Lab is a new French elegant ready-to-wear clothing brand with the ambition to revolutionize men’s clothes using innovative fabrics, starting with the classic white cotton shirt. See it now on Kickstarter.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA11/12/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- If we really take a deep look at it, the classic white cotton shirt hasn’t changed that much since the beginning of the 20th century. Unlike watches, glasses, the most low-tech of all “wearables” is the one we wear the most. Thanks to Le Lab, a French fashion start-up aiming to disrupt men’s closets, the ideal smart elegant shirt is now available on Kickstarter.

So what makes Le Lab shirts ideal?

Le Lab is the only fashion brand that reconcile all these properties in one unique shirt.

Sebastien Francois and Pauline Guesne, co-founders, partnered with and settled their offices at the European Center of Innovative Textiles in France, to develop a unique cotton fabric, inspired by the latest sportswear, medical and military technological advances in innovative fabrics. Every time the fabric changes, the technology changes too.

With the delicate and thin fabric of a cotton shirt, 3 challenges needed to be answered - Make the fabric impervious but still breathable, Water-repellent but washable time after time without losing the effects and with a very sooth touch. The shirts being really unique, the team is working with extremely qualified partners all over the world to manufacture them. First Le Lab buys high quality cotton yarn and makes them woven. Then their finishing experts process and dye them. Finally, the clothes are made in highly qualified European fashion studios for perfect finishes.

“When I was a consultant, I had to wear a tuxedo, a tie and a white shirt on a daily basis,” says Sebastien Francois, Le Lab’s co-founder. “I had to look good and professional all day long. And maintaining that look added stress to my already stressful working days.”

So Sebastien looked for innovative clothes that could also fit his fashion and quality requirements, but he found nothing. Francois adds, “I figured that if I wanted my problem to be solved, I had to take care of it on my own. But then, why not doing it for everyone?” After almost 2 years of research and development, Le Lab was born.

The first collection of white shirts for men will be available on Kickstarter, starting at €75 for early bids. Backers will also be able to find stain-less ties starting at €40.  After the campaign, Le Lab wants to keep on improving the male wardrobe and work on other items like suits and jeans. A women’s line will come later.

The Kickstarter Campaign launched on October 21 and has already reached its goal of €10,000.  The shirt has already been fully developed, prototyped and has been tested by textile and fashion professionals. Le Lab team will use backer’s funds for production efforts needed to launch the first batch of shirts. As for the perfect man, however, they are still working on it…

About Le Lab

Founded in 2015 and based in the capital of fashion, Paris, France, Le Lab is a ready-to-wear clothing brand created by friends and collaborators Sebastien Francois and Pauline Guesne. Sharing a wealth of diverse experiences and background, Le Lab’s business partners are innovators who have teamed up to bring innovation and new fabrics to fashion. For more information, visit www.lelab.cc

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