Law Office of William R. Bennett Announces New Website To Clients

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - 9/25/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Bay Area attorney William R. Bennett announced the completion of his new website this week for the benefit of his clients. Across San Jose and its surrounding neighborhoods, William R. Bennett works tirelessly as a criminal defense attorney to represent clients faced with a variety of charges, including violent crimes, drug and sex offenses, and Driving Under the Influence charges.

Anyone in need of legal representation should look no further than the Law Office of William R. Bennett for assistance. He always ensures that his clients fully understand every aspect of the legal process, and are consistently updated with the status of their case. He will work diligently to have your charges dropped, and will use his expansive knowledge of criminal law to make sure that is the result.

Have you recently been charged with drug possession? William R. Bennett specializes in drug-related offenses, including drug dealing, drug trafficking and drug-related paraphernalia charges. He knows the ins and outs of drug laws in California and will fight for you in your time of need. Bennett has a wide array of expertise across multiple fields of criminal case study, and also provides representation for violent crimes, DUI and sex offense cases. Anyone in the Bay Area charged with a criminal offense is highly encouraged to check his new website, located at to view the various services he can provide to clients.

William R. Bennett is passionate about fighting for justice, and he wants to help you. If you are living in San Jose or a surrounding community and find yourself in need of an attorney to represent you, don’t delay! Call The Law Office of William R. Bennett today and rest assured that your life will be in good hands with him by your side.

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