Largest US Based Tantra Directory Website Redesign

LONDON, UK - 12/20/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- The largest internet based Tantra Directory will re-launch their website in 2016 with a completely new look and feel to better serve their visitors, a website devoted to expanding the understanding and practice of Tantra.

The new website will make easier to navigate and also make it easier for Tantra practitioners to sign up and will include videos to help with the process.

Since inception the website has been a massive hit with US locals looking for a proficient Tantra specialist in their area. The new directory will include automatic profiling of specialists on a total of 78 pages. This really spreads the word if you are a tantra practitioner and will help subscribers connect with their clientele.

With a daily traffic of over 2000 visitors per day we feel obligated to enhance user experience... Carl Riedel.

The website was originally intended as a blog for people interested in the art of Tantra, but in a few short months the little blog expanded into a fully fledged directory website. We receive anywhere between 20 to 50 requests per day from visitors looking for a specialist in their area. The revamp is intended to help us deliver more and better results to our visitors.

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