Keep Your Tea Hot, But Your Fingers Not - Silibake Releases New Tea Infuser Mug

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - 12/29/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Sili-Bake, a company known for innovative, silicone based additions to any kitchen, has just debuted their newest product, the perfect loose-leaf tea infuser mug. Designed to allow tea enthusiasts to brew the very best cup of tea possible using any type of tea leaf, the infuser mug incorporates a number of features unique to this mug.

There are many different types of tea in the world, with many types of people who enjoy them. With options that are endless, having a cup and infuser system that is capable of brewing the perfect glass of tea, regardless of what kind of tea leaves are used, is priceless. That’s exactly what the perfect tea infuser mug by Sili-Bake does. With a built-in infuser that features tiny holes, it won’t matter just what kind of tea is used.

“We love our tea, so it’s natural that we’d be looking for that catch-all solution that our customers are seeking as well,” explains Mike Jasper of Sili-Bake. “The good news is, we’ve found it! With conventional tea cups you have to purchase specific types of tea, or worry about leaves and debris getting into your drink. Our new infuser mug makes those problems history.”

The new tea glass is different. Each one is shipped in a protective package that ensures each part makes it to a customer without damage. It also incorporates silicone in new and innovative ways, such as in making the infuser fit snug in the lid, as well as keeping hot liquids from burning customer’s hands.

“The tea gets hot,” says Jasper. “But fingers are not.”

Some additional features of the new product include:

To celebrate their newest product, Sili-Bake is offering this perfect tea infuser mug in three separate colors on Amazon, red, green, and blue.

To learn more about Sili-Bake, or their newest products, visit the Sili-Bake website.

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