In SEI Club Reviews Members Say That They Enjoy Their Matchmaking and Dating

From dating to marriage, SEI Club reviews show that club members find happiness with their matches.

LOS ANGELES, CA - 1/13/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Members of elite dating and matchmaking service SEI Club find themselves forming loving romantic relationships with the matches they meet through the service.

The club services the financially and socially elite, from CEOs and entrepreneurs to top models. Each applicant goes through a rigorous screening process, and those who are accepted are matched with other members based on relationship goals and shared interests. SEI Club reviews showcase reviews from members who have had a great time with SEI Club.

Says an SEI Club spokesperson, “SEI Club members tend to be winners in every aspect of life. They are positive gentlemen and women with refreshing life perspectives and optimistic, constructive attitudes. This makes them easier to match and it facilitates successful, fun, matchmaking and dating for all club members...if someone is overly cynical or just not in a “good place” mentally, emotionally, spiritually etc...we do not admit them as club members. For a relationship to blossom in a healthy and enjoyable way, both parties need to be in a fun, ‘happy place,’ as far as life goes as a whole if that makes sense.”

When reviewing SEI Club reviews, one member shared how he and his partner met through SEI Club and are now parents:

"Meeting Ella was the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is stunning, intelligent, and has the most positive, sweet outlook on life. Now that we have a newborn baby, life has taken on a whole new meaning. Thank you SEI Club."

A club spokesperson said that because the members go through a rigorous screening process before being accepted, the service is able to make high quality matches based on shared values, personality type, lifestyle preferences, and more.

“Whether a member is looking to casually date or hoping to find a long-term relationship, we’re able to find the right match,” the spokesperson said. “Our members know that everyone they meet through our service is someone they’ll want to get to know better, and potentially form a romantic relationship with.”

Many of those romantic relationships blossom into marriages. One member wrote a review during her honeymoon:

"If not for everything you guys have done I never would have met Philip. Now that we are together, I can't even imagine life without him. He is handsome, successful, and no one has ever been able to make me laugh so hard, he just gets me...I am so in love with him."   

The SEI Club reviews showcased by members share many positive experiences. Some members enjoy casually dating with less pressure whereas others proudly share that they finally met the love of their life. It seems that once a member has joined they can expect to enjoy an elite dating experience.

More information, including recent SEI Club reviews, can be found at the club’s website: SEI Club.

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