Horseback riding camps can get kids off electronics - Special Events in December at Spring Grove, IL, Meadowsweet Ranch

SPRING GROVE, IL - 12/3/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Meadowsweet Ranch, 8118 Wilmot Road, Spring Grove, is offering Christmas at the Ranch Dec. 13 for children 6- to 12-years old, Winter Break Camp Dec. 21-23 for children 7- to 12-years old and Winter Break Camp for Teen Horse Lovers Dec. 28-30 for teens 13 to 17.

Remember when children used to enjoy getting outdoors for fresh air and fun? That was before all those electronic gadgets came along. It’s difficult to tear children away from their Playstations, tablets and cell phones. One word with the potential to get their attention, however, is ‘horses.’ And that’s what Kathy Boettcher, the owner and riding instructor of Meadowsweet Ranch, is offering.

Each December event provides opportunities for children to get up off the couch and away from those mind-numbing electronics. Young participants will get some exercise and fresh air while socializing with fellow horse and pony lovers. They’ll also have plenty of one-on-one time with the horses and ponies.

“The time with the horses and ponies helps children improve their communication and problem solving skills,” said Boettcher. “It also helps them learn teamwork and how to use body language while developing riding skills, not to mention that they’ll be in a safe and friendly environment.”

Each participant will receive instruction to help them achieve a neutral position while riding. That neutral position allows a rider to exercise every muscle in their body. It’s what makes riding a great low-impact exercise that leaves the rider feeling great.

For further information and registration forms go to:, email or call 815-675-1177.

Meadowsweet Ranch is conveniently located at 8118 Wilmot Road (which is actually at the end of Sundial Lane), Spring Grove, IL 60081. Meadowsweet Ranch also offers lessons, boarding and training. 

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