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11/11/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Everyone wants to return to their home after a long day at work. But if you don’t invest in your interiors, your home won’t be exactly a retreat. After all with option like Shafic Dagher, there is no reason why you shouldn’t accentuate your interiors.  Companies like Shafic Dagher which has been working since 1975 offers great many choices in wardrobes  and Kitchen Cabinets in Dubai. The company has kept its focus consistent on quality, aesthetics and customer service which has led to brilliant designs in Kitchen Cabinets and Wardrobes in Dubai.  

Dubai and UAE itself has seen a tremendous shift in consumer choices and demands. The need for high quality furniture has increased.  The country now has denizens that belong from different backgrounds and cultures and they all desire high value when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. For companies that are working in interior décor, it is imperative that they deliver.

Mr. Wassim Dagher from Shafic Dagher said “Creating the ultimate décor requires passion, value and above all else supreme dedication towards quality. Customers that are in the market for high end solutions, it is imperative that they find best solutions, which is why they can rely on Shafic Dagher. Whether you are looking for Wardrobes in Dubai or are in the market for Kitchen Cabinets, companies like Shafic Dagher are perfect as we create everything with two things in our mind, aesthetic and functionality. All products are created to elevate your interior décor whereas also help you in managing space in your homes smartly”.

Customers simply cannot walk in and purchase wardrobes in Dubai or Kitchen Cabinets. They have to consider various things before adding something new to their homes. Which is why companies like Shafic Dagher offer free consultation to their customers. These consultations offer customers the chance to enjoy expert advice whereas also help them in maximizing their home space. Consultation sessions also let customers pick the kitchen cabinet in Dubai or wardrobes that wil contribute towards functionality and cutting edge design.

So if you are planning to add new wardrobes in your home or plan to shop for kitchen cabinets in Dubai, you should look into designs offered by Shafic Dagher. With its 40 years of experience in home decor, you can get free expert advice that will result in the perfect addition in your home.

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