Electronics HDMI Accessory by EaseBuy A Must Have for the Holidays

NEW YORK, NY - 10/19/15 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- The holidays are quickly approaching, which means technology consumers will begin making their shopping lists. Each year, Apple, Sony, Samsung and many other companies release products that inspire shoppers to make purchases at traditional stores like Best Buy and online stores like Amazon.

     This holiday season will include products like apple watches, apple TVs, the Sony PlayStation 4, and even new televisions from Samsung and Sony. However, many shoppers will forget to purchase important accessories to accompany their high cost purchases.

     “Many people purchase expensive TVs, tablets, and Apple products but then realize they do not have the capability of using them on Christmas day because they lack the right accessories,” Says Mr. Chow, Owner of EaseBuy, a widely popular Amazon store.

     One of the most complicated areas of technology is not the actual, high cost purchase; it is finding the correct cables and trinkets that make these accessories properly work. A product that is likely to make life easier for consumers this fall and holiday season is the 3 in 1 Version 1.4 HDMI cable found at Mr. Chow’s EaseBuy store on Amazon. This product is a must have for every technology lover because it prevents the need for numerous cables and other accessories by providing an all in one accessory package for only $10.99.

     The new, 3 in 1 Version 1.4 HDMI Male to Male Cable also includes HDMI Female to Micro HDMI/Mini HDMI Male Adapters. In non tech-speak, this product comes with multiple, interchangeable connectors that allow a user to connect and use their HDTVs, DVR players, tablets, all Apple products, PCs, cameras, and gaming systems. It is also compatible with 3D technology. Additionally, they are not cheaply made like some accessories. These products are guaranteed to work over 100,000 times and are made with gold-plated, corrosion resistant connectors.

     Mr. Chow says, “When we made this product, we were thinking about the consumer and providing convenience and quality. Consumers are tired of never having the right cables to use their high-tech products and paying over $25 for products that end up breaking. I know I was tired of never having the right cables and when I did, they broke within one year. So, we decided to make a high quality product that is affordable.”
     Now, you can purchase the 3 in 1 Version 1.4 HDMI Male to Male Cable + HDMI Female to Micro HDMI / Mini HDMI Male Adapters exclusively on Amazon by visiting, http://amzn.com/B01003RG8K. If you decide to purchase this product now, it can be purchased with a 20% discount by using the coupon code: BACXBD9U  

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Website: http://amzn.com/B01003RG8K

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