DutyFreeZone.com is looking for free-lance software developers

12/25/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- The giant e-commerce company needs not just front-end Silicon Valley-style programmers trained in cutting-edge languages to build smartphone apps, but also meat-and-potatoes Java and .NET PHP, Java, Fox Pro developers ready to update our shopping cart and develop our new PIMM.COM mobile transportation delivery App to cope with exploding data volumes, applications, and attacks.

The free-lance programmers will be able to work remotely from home sending their works daily to DutyFreeZone.com headquarter.

Web Designer / Developer/ App developers

We have an immediate need for several web Designer/developer focusing on creating responsive web designs. You must be self-motivated and have an eye for design and great HTML5/CSS3 coding skills (ideally you'll be doing most of your designing in the browser with some Adobe Photoshop). The free-lance candidate must have great time-management skills and be able to juggle multiple assignments and meet tight deadlines.

You would be part of our interactive team, working closely with the DutyFreeZone.com project managers, UX designers, other back-end programmers and testers/QA to ensure delivery of high quality websites.

Primary Responsibilities

Experience Required

Strong Plusses (but not required)


You would be required to work remotely from home, however, you must be willing to attend meetings at either office or at headquarter locations throughout the USA , Mexico and Europe. However, you can live anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a computer.


Your fees commensurate with experience and task and will depend of the quality of your work.

Apply Now

In your cover letter send my e mail to DutyFreeZone.com, please include your responsive design portfolio links, describing specifics of what your contributions were (where you the designer AND developer, etc). Also include your fees history and fees requirements, and indicate that you are applying for the "web designer/developer" position.

About DutyFreeZone.com


US electronic e-commerce giant DutyFreeZone.com is closing in on a major investment with Fort Lauderdale-based grocery online DutyFreeFood.com 

DutyFreeZone.com could invest as much as $100 million in privately held DutyFreeFood.com, putting the US conglomerate in competition with the largest U.S. e-commerce companies. 

Founded in 2013, Fort Lauderdale - based DutyFreeFood.com is a hybrid of e-commerce web site and brick and mortars wholesale clubs, offering tax-free delivery in the US within three hours on electronic and grocery orders of at least $50 made through the company web site. 

DutyFreeFood.com is scheduled to open its first Florida distribution center by March 2016 and will not charge a membership fee, distinguishing it from its competitors $99 annual prime membership, which includes delivery discounts and online video and music streaming. Brick and mortars clubs charges $55 annually for access to its warehouses, which sell groceries in bulk, jewelry, electronic goods, clothing and other items. 

The investment would be DutyFreeZone's first effort to compete with the largest e-commerce web sites in the U.S.  DutyFreeZone.com invested also in PIMM.com a Florida based startup, which will be also challenging the largest  e-commerce transportation competitors by offering free delivery of electronic, luxury goods and food products without requiring a membership.  

Getting a taxi, a private car or ride share or even get grocery or restaurant food delivery in few minutes will be easy with our Web App and Mobile App PIMM.Com specialy designed for consumers, travelers and commuters within the US and all over the world. 

Last year, DutyFreeZone.com set up offices near Orlando in Florida. In December DutyFreeZone.com announced a strategic alliance with Synnex.com the world largest electronic distributor and will be shipping from its 14 distribution centers electronic items across the US to consumers.


DUTYFREEZONE.COM was founded in 1999 by a group of young entrepreneurs who had a vision of a new world where businesses can buy and sell products across international borders without political, geographical or economic restrictions. 

We realized that to achieve success these businesses would need better resources for sourcing products and managing the supply chain. We’ve also learned over the years that reliability is key to creating excellent customer service. As a result, our primary goal has been to develop our core service with ‘worry-free sourcing’ as the underlying competitive advantage. 

Today, DUTYFREEZONE.COM is also shipping within the US from its 14 warehouses, it has a thriving ecommerce website providing unbeatable pricing, assured quality and a reliable service for consumers. The online hub also has a comprehensive range of procurement services developed to satisfy all supply chain requirements. 

Moving forward, we aim to raise the bar further by setting higher industry standards because we believe that progression will create more sustainable growth for our customers. 
DUTYFREEZONE.COM is the world leading consumer electronics and home appliances company. DUTYFREEZONE.COM’ s strategic headquarters are in Caymans Islands , Company offices can be found in Melbourne, Florida , Mexico and Hong Kong.

Media Contact

Company Name: DutyFreeZone.com
Name: Paul Duncan
Email Address: Management@dutyfreezone.com
Website: www.dutyfreezone.com

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