Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary Rescued 35+ Horses from Kill Lots Across Eastern Seaboard, Several Available for Adoption

Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary Rescued 35+ Horses from Kill Lots Across Eastern Seaboard, Several Available for Adoption Non-profit organization in need of funds to help pay for horses’ medical expenses, food

MOBILE, AL - 1/15/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) --  Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary rescued more than 35 horses from kill lots across the Eastern seaboard over the past three months, and the Alabama-based non-profit organization now has more than 10 of those horses available for adoption.

In addition, the non-profit says they are in need of funding to help pay for medical expenses and food for the horses.

The horses were rescued and rehabilitated, and many of them were sick and malnourished when they arrived at Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary. According to the organization’s founder, Arianna Morgan, most of the horses were underweight when they arrived. She says that many of the horses are trained and very affectionate towards people.

Morgan started Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary roughly three years ago with a single rescue, and the organization has continued to expand since. Now, Dream Acres is a member of the American Horse Council, A Home for Every Horse, Unwanted Horse Coalition, and Adopt-A-Mile Program. With a mission to rescue and rehabilitate horses that have been abused, neglected, unwanted, or slaughter-bound, Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary gives horses a second chance by giving them shelter, nourishment, love, veterinary care, and a home.

The sanctuary currently has facilities in Mobile, Alabama, and Raphine, Virginia, and offers well-rounded care to horses in need. While the organization can’t accept every

horse, they diligently try to accept horses that can be rehabilitated with the most success. The photos here show one of the facility’s recently rehabilitated horses, Cheerio.

Right now, Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary is accepting volunteers for its facilities, and they are currently

seeking people willing to adopt the horses they’ve rescued from kill lots over the last few months. Both adoption and volunteer forms can be found at the organization’s website.

Those interested in adopting a horse can e-mail Morgan directly at amorgan@dreamacres.org to inquire about available horses.

On January 15, 2016, Morgan will be interviewed by Devon Walsh for WKRG’s “What’s Working” segment, and she hopes that the interview will help generate interest in the rescued horses at her facility.

Those wishing to donate to the organization can also do so by visiting the website. Morgan keeps followers up to date with the latest updates on the rescued horses via Facebook and Twitter, where she regularly posts before and after photos and news. Now, she is hoping to find homes for the horses rescued over the past several months. The adoptions of these horses will help to save more horses, resulting in a domino effect of rescues and adoptions. More information can be found at http://www.dreamacres.org.

About Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary

Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary provides neglected, abused, and retired horses with safe, loving homes. 

Media Contact

Company Name: Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary
Name: Arianna Morgan
Phone: (310) 717-4411
Email Address: amorgan@dreamacres.org
Website: http://www.dreamacres.org/


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