David Longoria Gaining Global Traction With Release of “Angels”

HOLLYWOOD - 11/10/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Music is a universal language that everyone across the globe understands. And when you find that one tune that you connect to, all the world’s troubles seem to disappear into oblivion. Such is the case when you hear trumpeter David Longoria’s new track “Angels” from his highly anticipated and groundbreaking album The Journey.  The instrumental dance song combines his impeccable trumpet skills with an EDM soundscape, creating an uplifting track that is currently gathering momentum on dance floors worldwide, as well as the online music sphere.

The musician fuses elements of classical and jazz music with the highly popular EDM format and beats to create a totally new kind of instrumental that will compel your body to sway in unison. The Southern California-based musician is redefining the rules of what a trumpeter can do and creating a new musical path for himself within the EDM world, as well as helping dance music evolve. “If the genre doesn’t evolve, like everything else, it'll will be in trouble by losing momentum,” Longoria explains. “If Miles Davis were alive today, he would have been pushing the limits of the current music scene in some similar ways.”

Currently, EDM music is mainly produced and created by DJs and remixers, who combine elements of electronic music to create the tunes used on dance floors everywhere. Longoria is on a mission to help that grow by utilizing fresh organic elements, and his track and album show how he’s aiming to accomplish that. His trumpet prowess on all of his tracks brings a new sound to EDM music never heard before. In 2012 Longoria scored a “Top 20s” Billboard hit on the US Dance Club chart with his fun, tribal dance song “Zoon Baloomba,” which was the first entry on the chart from an instrumentalist since 1979 when trumpeter Herb Alpert had his mega hit “RISE.”

The track was produced by Longoria and Remixer Robert Eibach. Longoria brought in Eibach to add the edgy feel of current edm music. "Robert has a lot of great experience DJing and remixing popular dance songs," He says, adding "by letting him focus on where the tracks needed to go musically, I was freed up to concentrate on the melody and rhythms and to just make a great melodic and rhythmic record."

According to Longoria, DJs everywhere love the track and have been playing it non-stop. In the coming weeks they will be releasing several new remixes with different stylistic variations on the song. Eibach has produced a club version that brings the progressive house style to the forefront and many other remixers will be contributing their own take on it.

As Angels, the first single from Longoria’s highly anticipated album The Journey, which is due to be released in January 2016, continues to gather momentum, Longoria is confident that the rest of the album will be well received. “The Journey is your life”, Longoria begins, adding “It starts with ‘Angels,’ who were talking about you even before you were born.” He continues, “The album ends with ‘Angels (Reprise),’ which is the melody of ‘Angels,’ but in a different, reflective setting to represent the afterlife. Instead of a songs list, we created a map that illustrates the stops along the way as towns, which are also literally points in the timeline.  With Angels leading the way, David Longoria’s trumpet will be heard a lot in the coming months as songs from The Journey make their way onto dance floors everywhere.

Angels is available now on iTunes, Amazon and wherever current music is downloaded. Download online at:  http://bit.ly/ANGELSsong

For more information on David Longoria and Angels, visit www.davidlongoria.com.

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