California-Based Investment Firm offers Fixed Index Opportunity to Everyday Investors

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - 11/9/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- An investment option that was once reserved only for the accredited investor and institutions is now available to the masses through JSG Capital Investments LLC. This product trumps market volatility with hefty dividend payments paid out weekly to its clients.

Proven returns since its inception in 2007 make the Fixed Index option a safer choice, with extremely competitive monthly returns ranging from 1% to 5% depending on the size and duration of the investment.*

“We want to expand the scope of retail investing nationwide after the passage of “Regulation A” and be the first to market firm that caters not only to accredited investors, but also to the average retail investor.  We give all investors access to alternative investment strategies that were previously only available to the one-percenters.  Regardless of investment size, any investor who is looking to maximize their return and think outside the box should give our product a try,” says Jason Gill, CEO of JSG Investments LLC.  

Considered a “boutique investment firm,” JSG Capital Investments offers portfolio management services for clients across the United States. They pride themselves on being large enough to handle any investment need, yet small enough to provide personal portfolio management attention to each account.

*Investment                                     $10-14k                    $15-24k                   $25-100k                    $100k+

One-Year Term                                    1%                             2%                             3%                              4%

Three-Year Term                                 2%                             3%                             4%                              5%

Clients investing $25k with a 1-year term, for example, will receive a 3% monthly return broken up into weekly payments.  Upon completion of the yearly contract, each client has complete discretion to reinvest for another term or walk away with their initial investment and all dividend proceeds.  Locking in for a longer term results in higher returns.   JSG Capital Investments is able to offer these returns by taking advantage of short-term market factor reactions that have little impact on long-term intrinsic values. Concentrated research allows JSG Capital Investments to identify businesses that are trading at highly discounted valuations, because investors have overreacted to negative macro or company-specific events.  

“Not having to worry about the volatility of the stock market has changed my life. I’m not watching and stressing out about every up and down. I am a fan of the fixed index.”

                -Sunil V. -- London, Business Owner, client since March 2012

“The fixed index has allowed me to not worry about living off SSN benefits and going thru my retirement savings.  I know my weekly return, and I budget accordingly to live comfortably without dipping into my savings.  The best investment I have ever made.”

                - Willie D. -- New York, Retired, client since May 2014

For more information about JSG’s Fixed Index investment option and other alternative investments, please visit or contact us at and (888) 294-2472.

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