Batteroo, Inc. Announces Batteriser a Device that Makes Batteries Last Longer

Batteriser is a micro-thin, reusable sleeve that extends your battery's life by up to 8x

SUNNYVALE, CA - 8/7/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Batteroo, Inc. announces their newest product Batteriser an intelligent voltage management and delivery mechanism device made of thin stainless steel that slips over your battery and fits neatly back into your device’s battery compartment.

Batteriser is the world's first micro-thin sleeve that slips over your batteries and instantly extends their life by up to 8x. The key is that most devices only tap a fraction of a battery's energy. Batteriser taps into the remaining energy that is usually thrown away.

Batteriser comes in AA, AAA, C, and D variations, and has a micro-thin design to slip over your battery and fit neatly back into your device's battery compartment. The 9V Batteriser will be available next year.     

Significant number of batteries thrown away still has a lot of energy left in them. Using proprietary circuitry to maintain an optimal output voltage, Batteriser allows the end device to access the untapped energy in the battery and makes it last longer. Batteriser revives your batteries instantly in three simple steps: 1) Grab a battery 2) Slip the Batteriser over your battery and 3) Insert it back into your device just as you would normally, and watch Batteriser go to work instantly!

About The Batteriser Team
Dr. Bob Roohparvar – CEO has 30+ years of experience in disrupting power management industry at Flextronics, Flexpower, and Broadcom. Redesigned the original iPhone charger, reducing size by over 50%. Holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University.

Frankie Roohparvar - Chairman & Inventor holds over 500 US patents in complex electrical systems, and is currently CEO of Skyera. Holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineeering from Santa Clara University, and M.B.A.s from Columbia Business School as well as Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley.

Warren Flick - Chief Strategy Officer has 35+ years of executive retail and product development experience, including President of Kmart, CEO of Neato Robotics, and Managing Director of Coles Myer.

Mitchell Nishi- VP Finance has 20+ years of financial experience in both public and private companies. Served as VP Finance at Skyera as well as senior financial management positions at Echelon Corporation, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Johnson Controls and New Holland in Japan. Passed CPA exams in California, and holds a B.S. in business from California State University and an MBA from the Marshall School at the University of Southern California.

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