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11/11/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Starting a new business in Dubai is now becoming simpler.  Where once high costs, language barriers and choosing myriad of consultancies was making it hard for new entrants, today it is very easy through companies like Artemis Associates where you can now get bespoken business services. For those interested in business formation Dubai is no more a daunting place to be.

For new entrants that are unaware of the intricacies involved in creating their own businesses, services like Artemis Associates help in managing everything when it comes to Business formation in Dubai. In a nutshell, these services offer:

  1. Setting up their businesses
  2. Expanding or relocating businesses  
  3. Asset liquidation

You should know that business consultants Dubai has to offer are well connected with other business hubs of the world. Like many, Artemis Associates and its competitors often work with their partners in Europe to assist their clients. This helps companies that are new to easily initiate their businesses in Dubai especially if they are from Europe.

Business consultants Dubai has to offer are only good if the team that they have are good. When it comes to Business formation in Dubai, it is imperative that the people you choose to work with are well aware of the numerous considerations that you will face. This is why companies like Artemis Associate hire the best. Customers are often complaining that they hired a good company that promised them numerous things but for one thing or another, they simply didn’t deliver.

Cameron Crains of Artemis Associates added “For many that want to start their own businesses in Dubai, the main issue is not knowing where to start and who to rely on. This is why at Artemis Associates we hire people that are well versed in the local laws, intellectual property rights, financial matters and other relevant elements to business formation in Dubai. The thing is that there are numerous business consultants in Dubai and not all of them are top notch. For clients, it is important that they choose someone that offers insightful and expert advice and help and this is exactly what Artemis Associates offer them”.

When it comes to business formation Dubai can be really tricky. However if customers rely on companies that are creative and think out of the box. Companies like Artemis Associates that bring seasoned specialists, analytical thinking and ability to understand the local dynamics of UAE are the best options for new business formation in Dubai.

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