800OPENHOME exhibits at CAR (California Association of REALTOR's) Expo 2015 the yard sign to mobile/SMS/Texting technology

12/1/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- 800OPENHOME has participated in the 2015 California Association of Realtors, showing the FREE Service, which is an innovative way to deliver Yard Sign Info to Buyer's Mobile via SMS. Lots of Realtors and Brokers have visited the booth and evaluated the service which is being offered FREE. Realtors felt that the use of 800OPENHOME not only at the property site, but also at intersections will help them get more buyers. Also the buyers, once they get information back can share this with friends and family to help them evaluate the property.

About 800OPENHOME:

800OPENHOME is a startup based in San Jose, CA started in 2014, and launched in SCCAOR Exhibition in Santa Clara. Please visit us at 800OPENHOME.com to learn more about this innovative way to deliver properrty info via SMS. This service be used by Realtors, Brokers, FSBO and investors. 

‚ÄčMedia Contact

Company Name: 800OPENHOME
Name: Angelica Rangel
Email Address: angelica122r@gmail.com 
Website: http://800openhome.com


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