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You Too Can Make Money by Publishing a Book

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You’ve written what is your pride and joy that came from your heart and soul, and not much can compare to the feeling an author experiences when he or she holds a book they wrote in their hands for the very first time. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment and a legacy that will remain forever. Better yet, is when readers send an author sincere letters that compliment the contents of the book. The author is then overwhelmed with a feeling of great joy, satisfaction, and pride for the work he or she has accomplished.

There are 200 million Americans wanting to become authors this year. The reason so many people think they can write a book is that many third-rate books are published nowadays that makes writing a book look relatively easy. However, “Self-published books are almost uniformly badly published,” says Deb Werksman, acquiring editor and editorial manager for Sourcebooks. If a book looks self-published, buyers are not going to purchase it. 

The do-it-yourselfers need an education in the task they’ve undertaken. They need a publisher to professionally produce a book, but they don’t know it, and they won’t know it until they are confused as to why their book doesn’t generate mass sales.

Many self-published authors are raking in the cash. Some independent authors are consistently earning several hundred dollars a month, while others are earning thousands a month. Writing can turn into a lucrative career or bring in extra cash every month. Millions of people write wonderful books, but few know how to get them published, and great storytelling is lost.

Contrary to what you may have heard, getting published is not that difficult.

Do you need a publisher? The real question should be, “Do you want to produce a high-quality book or a sub-standard product?” By using the template tools such as a cover creator and file conversion upload, what you will get is a poorly produced product, and this is what has given self-publishing such a bad reputation. An inferior product is the kiss of death for any book because book buyers can instantly identify the majority of self-published books by inferior designed covers and improper fonts and line spacing.

The next question is, do you want to sell a handful of books or a substantial amount of books? A sub-standard cookie cutter book will fail. That’s a guarantee. Ninety percent of new authors assume that his or her book will automatically generate sales just by getting listed on Amazon. That ninety percent fail and do not gain sales outside of friends, family and a few that are picked up through social media promotions. However, there is an answer to how to publish correctly which is using a reputable publishing company such as Empire Publishing and Literary Service Bureau. 

Empire Publishing has over 30 years experience in all aspects of publishing and has made publishing easy and stress-free having simplified book publishing by streamlining the process and making it virtually effortless for the author. When you publish with Empire Publishing, you are plugged in to one of the industry’s largest global distribution networks. 

The highly experienced staff at Empire Publishing will take your manuscript and turn it into a book that meets the highest standards of the publishing industry. A well-produced book is a book that generates sales. Many new authors are struggling to obtain a traditional publishing contract. The million dollar question is, “Why?”

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