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WTB Music Release new single UPTOWN by TEEZY MONEY on Digi - Cards

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This new record label out of the Bronx WTB Music has released their first single UPOTWN on Digi-Cards provided to them through Rainysongs Digital / Digi-Cards-East. Al Pizarro and Manny Gerald have definitely made a move that’s not your norm for a record Label. When you think about a new record release in today’s world you’re talking MP3, Streaming, YouTube and you still have CD’s and Vinyl that is still out there kicking. Now Al Pizarro and Manny Gerald have quoted “Today people are doing everything digital. You see kids walking around with headsets no wires, no CD’s, it’s Bluetooth technology and it’s growing”. We wanted to still have that one to one contact with people and still be ahead of the curve when it comes to the technology end of delivering music. Of course we’re going to be found in the iTunes and Amazon online shops but why not go further. Our WTB Digi-Cards gives the consumer more than just our music, it provides a portal to our company online. Rainy Davis CEO of Rainysongs Digital / Digi-Cards- East and Pete Warner (dir. of business affairs) are longtime friends and industry colleagues of Al Pizarro and agree that this will be a great way to market the new artist / track by TEEZY MONEY while simultaneously branding WTB (the company). Digi-Cards provides easy access for end users to get the music, videos, photos, bio’s, one sheets, on the artists, company background and links. Digi Cards are serialized and creates an opt-in database while boasting a series 4 QR code and UPC bar code. WTB’s digital content on the Digi-Cards will be accessible from handheld devices, pc or a mac. This physical / digital content delivery method that’s the same size and quality of a visa or master card conveniently fits into a shirt pocket and could very well be the next wave of evolution for content delivery in the entertainment industry.

Al Pizarro ad Manny Gerald already know that they need to use every means possible to get their music heard. “We are confident that once you hear the track you will want to hear more from our Label. The bottom line is we’re not SONY or DEF JAM we are WTB (Where They Believe) so our budget is a whole lot smaller, but this doesn’t stop us from our creativity and the raw talent that will come from our Label.

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