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Winnemucca Northern Shoshoni, et al. refute both IBRC and AHIT SEC 8k filings and press releases

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Chief William Bills refutes and denies several misrepresentations made about him and the Winnemucca Northern Shoshoni, Battle Mountain and Washoe Indian Tribes. After numerous failed requests to Michael Ogburn, his associates and iBrands by both Chief William Bills and his legal counsel to have this misrepresentation corrected the following statement represents Chief William Bills and the Tribes position on this issue;

On February 7, 2017, Michael Ogburn of iBrands Corporation Inc. (OTCMKTS: IBRC) filed a press release announcing iBrands has signed an "Exclusive Supply Contract" with Free Spirit Organics LLC., an Indian Tribal Company made up of the Winnemucca Northern Shoshoni and Washoe Indian Tribes.

Free Spirit Organics LLC., is not an Indian Tribal Company made up of the Winnemucca Northern Shoshoni and Washoe Indian Tribes. Free Spirit Organics LLC., is in fact a privately­ owned company held by individuals who are not Tribal members. The Winnemucca Northern Shoshoni and Washoe Indian Tribes are not represented by or associated with Free Spirit Organics LLC., and have not entered into an agreement with iBrands and or Michael Ogburn.

The Feb 7'h IBRC press release also included a statement allegedly from a "Chief Bill Bills" that indicated that this was an exciting. time. for the tribes ... etc., Chief William Bills never made these statements, never approved being mentioned in such press release and Chief William Bills has requested since the day of their release a retraction of these statements.

On March 17'\ 2017 Michael Ogburn of Corix Bioscience Inc., (formerly known as American Housing Income Trust Inc.) (OTC: AHIT) filed a Form - SK with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), indicating a partnership agreement with "IXB" a Wyoming corporation. They alleged IXB in turn entered a joint venture with the Shoshone, Battle Mountain and Washoe Indian tribes. AHIT included in its SEC filings an executed version of a Farm Lease Agreement that purports to have Chief Bill Bill's signature and the Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada's seal. Chief William Bills never signed such agreement; the signature isforged. The Winnemucca Indian Colonynever consented to the use of its seal.

Chief William Bills states "Neither I in my own capacity or as a representative of the Shoshone, Battle Mountain or Washoe Indian tribes have ever signed any agreements with AHIT or IBRC, and any documents provided by IBRC or AHIT with my signature stating such are forgeries. I have reviewed the AHIT SEC filings and both my signature and tribal stamp on the "Farm Lease" filed an Exhibit is a forgery."

 - William Bills
Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada (MBS) Shoshoni Allotment Family

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