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West Palm Jet Charter Offers Emergency Services in Preparation for Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricane Matthew is quickly becoming a more imminent threat to the East coast of Florida and possibly Georgia and the Carolinas. Mandatory evacuations have already been ordered for several cities and Florida Governor Rick Scott has urged Florida residents not to wait until conditions worsen to evacuate.

 The Governors of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina have all declared a state of emergency. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has begun ordering evacuations as well.

With so many residents and visitors traveling North and West, traffic has begun to pile up. By taking a private jet charter, you may be able to quickly move your family out of the area and to a safer place.

Private jets offer you and your family a way to move quickly out of harm’s way, taking pets and a fair amount of emergency supplies with you. The luggage capacity may be slightly more than what you can fit in a car or on a commercial airplane, so you will be able to take necessities and valuables. West Palm Jet Charter can help you to take off within four hours of booking.

With many commercial flights already cancelled in the area, private jet charter services may offer an alternative plan for those that were visiting the area when the news of the hurricane came through, or for those that wish to evacuate and have had a flight cancelled. Most flights from South Florida have been suspended until after the storm, so private jet charters offer another means of moving out of the path of the storm.

Alternatively, private jet charter flights may also offer emergency personnel a way into the area. All commercial flights to areas expected to be impacted by the storm have been cancelled, so it may be tough to quickly move supplies and people to assist with relief efforts into the area. Private jets can land at smaller airports, helping to move supplies to where they are needed.

Private jets may also be useful for medical emergencies. EMTs and medical personnel can be flown in to help hospitals and medical centers that have been overwhelmed, bringing needed medical supplies and respite. Private jets can also be used to help move individuals that have been badly injured to hospitals with more means to assist.

This storm is expected to come through or near to the Southerneastern coast of the United States as a category 3 or 4. It is important to take every precaution possible to stay safe.

About West Palm Jet Charter

West Palm Jet Charter is a company that operates out of South and Central Florida, so this storm hits close to the heart. If you need to move quickly out of the area or wish to move into the area to provide assistance, West Palm Jet Charter may be able to help.

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