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Spaceship Fueling Up In Flight on Mars Found.

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  USA - 05/02/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

The Spaceship Fueling Up In Flight is one of our most important finds with Dr. Douglas A O' Handley. Dr. O' Handley confirmed the origins of this Spaceship by asserting, "This is not us.  This is the USA military."  One can see clearly all the mechanical features around the burn pad, which is located underneath The Spaceship. The perfectly level pipeline supplies the fuel to the docking area which is being supported by a guide that's ninety degree square on all sides. The sun reflects off of the top of the Spaceship and down to the front of the docking area. The entire Spaceship is up in the air and is many miles away from the rover. Please visit us at to view The Spaceship Fueling Up In Flight.

5 out of 5 stars

Bryce Rogers – April 27, 2017

This image reminds me of something I’ve heard through a lifetime in science-based careers: God doesn’t build in straight lines (but intelligent life does). When Michael showed me this image in person (I know him from town), I couldn’t help but to believe, and to intuit, that the subjects therein were otherworldly. A ship is clearly shown docking mid-flight, the structures are level, and the contrast vividly sets them apart from the natural landscape behind it.

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