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Waterpedia Provides Knowledge Sharing Platform for the Environmental Industry

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Karthigaiselvan Pitchaikani, an environmental industry professional, and founder of Waterpedia, The Encyclopedia of Environment and Sustainability, announced that the site provides knowledge sharing and learning platform within the environmental and sustainability sector. Waterpedia grew out of Pitchaikani’s idea to create a one-point reliable online learning source for any information related to the environmental and sustainability sector.

“The Internet is full of information, but always biased towards the source depending on the brand or product,” said Pitchaikani. “Such biased information over the Internet can be converted into unbiased knowledge only when it’s user generated by industry professionals and experts in a wiki way. Sharing knowledge is the best part of learning and this is what Waterpedia is all about.”

Waterpedia is a neutral and unbiased source, complete with citations and references to ensure veracity, for laymen to professionals who want to be more informed about the industry. The website explores a multitude of topics within six sectors which are sub-classified into 29 segments related to the environment and sustainability. Visitors to the site can obtain information about environmental sustainability, equipment, services, and resources, along with green development advances, philanthropic opportunities, and environmental events.

The wiki for Environmental Sustainability provides a one-stop resource where individuals in the environmental industry can share their knowledge and submit articles for the benefit and enrichment of all. Waterpedians who are the Waterpedia users can add and edit articles by requesting a user account.

“Waterpedia is designed to enable and engage people to exchange and empower ideas to excel and enhance the environmental sector worldwide by sharing and spreading knowledge under free license for those who will come after us and provide a reliable information source to the human race forever after for a sustainable future,” said Pitchaikani about Waterpedia’s mission.

Despite conservation efforts across multiple segments, resource depletion and environmental issues are still major concerns around the globe. Waterpedia also has a YouTube channel where knowledge seekers can find commemorative videos and a Waterpedia Environment Learning Series published every week that examines topics encompassing environmental concerns, biodiversity, ecology, and sustainability.

Waterpedia was launched on World Environment Day 2016 (5th June) and is also a carbon neutral website. As a one-stop resource to address a diverse range of topics ranging from water and air pollution, waste management and renewable energy, Waterpedia helps every individual to share knowledge for preserving our beautiful planet.

About Waterpedia

Waterpedia is a wiki-based, openly editable website as a free content collaborative environmental encyclopedia by the people and for the people in the environmental and sustainability sector.

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