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Volkmar Guido Hable and Samarium Tennessine Corporation to acquire more robotics companies

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  MIAMI, FL - 02/08/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

Volkmar Guido Hable and Samarium Tennessine Corporation (, have  acquired since October of 2016 six robotic companies and are considering strategies to enter the military sector with strategic acquisitions of military robotics makers.

Samarium Tennessine didn't provide much insight to the deals so far to the public for confidentiality  concerns. Volkmar Guido Hable stated: “We were initially interested in robotic systems for the obvious need in the mining and energy business, where still manual labour is used for jobs being outright dangerous and risky to humans.  However, we do believe in  a much larger market potential, and have decided to add to our investment portfolio a robotics branch. “

Volkmar Guido Hable would have loved to buy out Boston Dynamics, which according to his words “makes really cool stuff”, but was eventually beaten by Google. The search engine giant has named Andy Rubin, who oversaw the development of the Android operating system, to head its robotics endeavors, which the company has without irony called a "moonshot." A spokesman for Google confirmed the acquisition but declined to answer any questions. 

Stated Volkmar Guido Hable: “We of course were disappointed to lose out to our friends at Google (GOOG,, but there are other companies on the market and we keep looking for more takeover candidates to add to our strategic business development in the robotics industry.”

"Samarium’s deals are also the clearest indication yet that the energy and mining industry is intent on building a new class of autonomous systems that might do anything," according to the New York Times.

Some  analysts and market participants have long fretted about Samarium’s dependence on oil and energy.  But Volkmar Guido Hable got their attention now. Samarium Tennessine has ignored such chatter so far and prides itself as an investment company being a hub of innovation.

"We will have had a great time building unusual robots and bringing them into applications, which humans only dare to imagine," says Volkmar Guido Hable, the company's founder, in an email statement.

Samarium Tennessine is wealthy and patient enough to gamble that the robotics companies’ futuristic technologies will have real world benefits, even if they aren't obvious to the casual observer.   

Volkmar Guido Hable stated that Samarium Tennessine’s commitment to the robotics industry is long-term and here to stay.

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