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Vidillion Granted Second Patent for Video Streaming Innovation

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Vidillion, a connected TV (CTV) distribution and ad monetization service, was granted their second patent “Methods and Systems for Delivery of Compliant Video Advertisements to Devices from one or more Platforms” (US20130268963A1) for video streaming innovation.The patent helps solidify Vidillion as a thought leader in the industry for video streaming and verification of ad delivery. 

In 2011, Vidillion first recognized that there might be issues with delivering ads to first generation set top boxes (STBs). Vidillion also realized that not all first generation set top boxes (STBs) were VAST compliant, meaning that ads were not being properly delivered, and the beacons not firing properly.

Vidillion devised a new methodology to ensure that advertisers were getting what they paid for in the modern era of connected TV (CTV) advertising. 

This innovation will help video content providers when a video ad is presented to a user over the Internet that it is received and played by their video player in its entirety. The patent will streamline the communication from the user to the video advertisers regarding the delivery of their ads, at scale.

"When our team created the Vidillion model, we knew we were on to something that would change how ads were delivered," said Thomas Engdahl, CEO of Vidillion. "We saw what was wrong with the industry and we found a way to fix it. Bigger and better things will be coming from Vidillion in the next few years.”

Vidillion achieved this by incorporating methodology for adaptive bit rate (ABR) encoding of the ads to match the rendition of the video content viewed by the consumer. Vidillion also introduced a highly scalable, geo-located VAST ad proxy server. 

The company was previously granted their first patent “Methods and Systems for Verification of Video Delivery” (US20130268964A1) based on their 2012 application

About Vidillion

Vidillion is a leading connected TV distribution and ad monetization service. Vidillion streams over 1,200 TV channels and over 10,000 movies and video clips to 140 countries via the internet, to Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, and Smart TVs. Vidillion aggregates Connected TV (CTV) publishers, distributes their content, and monetizes their content with advertising. Vidillion has been doing CTV advertising for 8 years. Vidillion has an excellent reputation, built on a 98.2% completion rate and 100% viewability track record.

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