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Tri-Cities' First Discount Real Estate Brokerage, Now Open.

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I hadn’t really heard much about a Discount Real Estate Broker before.  I never understood whether they’d be a good deal or not… or if I’d be making some kind of grievous mistake by compromising quality for cost… cutting corners, you know?  I mean, some Real Estate I know agents make a lot of money.  There’s got to be good reason for that… right?  Or is there just enough reason why someone else would also be happy to do the same job, at the same quality, for SO much less? I had to learn more. 

As the one-and-only Discount Real Estate Broker in town, I recently spoke with the owner, Christian Amacker, to find out more about this business model and what he thought consumers should know.

Saving people money gives them more freedom, more choices.  They also have the option to price their home a little lower on the market, a well known tactic to drive up interest and response, and to frequently stimulate “bidding wars”, when Buyer’s compete with each other, often driving the sales price up.  “If I discount my fee by an average of ten thousand dollars per property, it gives the seller a lot of room to operate in.  Or they can just pocket the difference and save A LOT of money.  It’s really very simple” he explains. 

“My market happens to be highly competitive, what they call a Seller’s Market” he explains to me.  “Acquiring business is about marketing, and standing out from the crowd, somehow.  You can either work harder, or work smarter.”  He goes on to discuss how the Discount Brokerage business model is most successful when operated at high efficiency, but explains that income can still rival what many “office” brokers walk away with after paying all their overhead and splits.  “Advertising is expensive.  Franchise fees and commission splits are expensive.  Everything associated with running an office is expensive.  I cut all unnecessary overhead out.  Working from a home office, I have everything set to run online at top efficiency, doing the same, or better, than everyone else.  I just do what works, and don’t get greedy about what I charge.  Big name brands don’t matter, but they do have a cost.  I’ve done this a long time and know what works and what doesn’t.  My fee is good for me, but it really gives the home seller a lot more flexibility and options than most sales transactions find themselves having” he says.  “I like that.  If we need to, we have the flexibility to get creative.  And the discount savings can be used to give the seller tax credits too.  It’s just a matter of setting up the best strategy for each home.”

 “The only problem,” Amacker tells, “is letting the public know Discount Brokerages like this exist.”  Statistics show that consumers simply don’t type the word ‘discount’ in the search bar when they’re looking for a Real Estate Broker online.  But I really don’t think many of us care who sells our home, just as long as we can get the price we want, in the time we want, and possibly save us some money along the way.  “Instead of forcing a price up to cover the cost of a high commission, we create a win/win for both sides.  I’ve just learned what my time’s worth… and that’s what I charge.  This is something I’ve done both ways, and I like this one more.  I’ve been in competitive six-percent and higher markets… that can become tedious, and expensive.  By giving the seller money they can put directly in their pocket, negotiations become a lot easier.  Once they know I’m capable, everything else becomes a no-brainer” he says. “Six percent isn’t set in stone and is essentially outdated for what today’s work entails.  If I cut all unnecessary costs, I can pass a huge savings back to my clients.  I like that, and so do they.  Everyone knows I’m there to do a job, and that makes all of us happy” he tells me. 

So maybe a Discount Real Estate Broker can be a good deal for you.  Ask questions about efficiency, and how they can afford to do the job well enough to make it successful, but to also to be routinely profitable at the lower price.  According to his thoughts, Amacker mentioned “Here in our local Tri-Cities market (comprised of the three Southeastern Washington cities of Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick), homes can sell within a few days or less.  Today’s technology has really helped us, and it’s only getting better.  If I can’t sell your home within 30 days, I allow you the option of cancelling the listing contract… an important ‘guarantee’ most brokerages won’t give” he notes. 

So the next time you get ready to rent or sell your house, invite a Discount Real Estate Broker to the table.  Interview more than one person and make your decision based on who you believe can do the best job and conquer your most important concerns.  For more information about Discount Real Estate Brokerage, visit their website at and save a bundle.

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