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Thunder God Vine user release ebook covering experience

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Thunder God Book releases with interesting data points regarding an herb relatively new to the United States called Thunder God Vine. With many people becoming more interested in herbal products the release of this information could not be more timely. The herb, (Thunder God Vine) has demonstrated many positive results in studies. The information can be viewed at This book brings attention to an Article written by Phd Liu Of John's Hopkins who says "Thunder God Vine Has been Shown to Block the growth of all 60 lines of cancer at very Low Doses." Still another article by a Harvard weight loss study states that that the results were even more effective than Bariatric Surgery. In addition the Harvard scientists reported decreased cholesterol and improved liver function. The two articles as well as many other articles written about the vine seem to be extremely positive but in completely different areas. The Thunder God Book attempts to reconcile this by focusing on the method of action and provides an overview of the many positive aspects of the Thunder God Vine. The author, Timothy Telymonde, gives his personal account of illness and how the Vine benefitted him through his medical struggles that began with an Eye Disease that was rapidly progressing. Tripterygium wilfordii was has been used medicinally in China for thousands of years. The vine was discovered by the west by Charles Wildord in 1862. Its medical properties were not revealed until the second half of the 20th Century. The Thunder God Vine unmasks the viral hiding mechanism, the fancy medical term for this is known as HDAC (Histone Deacetylace.) Once the body can see the virus the immune system can mount a response on a cell by cell basis. In some cases cells will actually self destruct in other cases the body will repair the cell. 

Natural HDAC Inhibitors such as Frankincense for the skin, and Thunder God Vine, for the body, have been researched to break the hiding bonds shown in the DNA and place them in their natural natural readable format. This allows the immune system to mount a response. Your immune system is capable of both repair and replace responses. The results reported regarding this approach have been very exciting and broad based. 

To bring attention to this wonderful new herb please also follow the New Jersey based newly formed Thunder God Band released its first album Christmas Eve 2016.  It is a free album to download at 

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