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These books not only leaves you with an intense desire to identify unhealthy mental health cycles but also tells you how to break away from them!

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Dr. Mayo is an exceptional woman with a story that can change lives. Her courage and determination are admirable and will leave a positive impact on your audience. Her power to heal and self-express in a written form have allowed her to write her books “Identifying & Breaking the Cycle” and “Transition of a Butterfly,” which focuses on mental health and unhealthy cycles. 

The discussion of mental health has been on the rise. Dr. Mayo address it in her books, how these issues are relevant and how the cycle of mental health is passed on from generation to generation. Life is beautiful, but can also be fraught with psychological, emotional, and behavioral peril. Often, habits we develop from a young age are reinforced and normalized, surviving well into adulthood, and are frequently repeated in the next generation. These self-perpetuating cycles can entrap multiple generations in their web, and manifest in many kinds of relationships, including family dynamics, dating and marriage, and friendship. But no cycle is unbreakable. With the right knowledge and determination, there is always hope.

Identifying and Breaking the Cycle and “Transition of a butterfly examines several common cyclical behaviors, using real-life examples to analyze their origin, impact, and effect, as well as addressing ways to neutralize such cycles. Dr. Mayo offers specific, concrete advice about how to impose “boundaries,” defense mechanisms against long-ingrained, destructive patterns of behavior/mental health issues.

Though she uses individual cases to draw attention to such mental health cycles, the issues addressed in Dr. Mayo’s books are diverse and varied enough to be relevant to almost all readers. The danger, she argues convincingly, is letting such cycles perpetuate until they become internalized, almost invisible. But her sound advice will resonate strongly with readers in need, and their loved ones as well.

The book is available as a hard copy on http://saniyyahmayo.comkindle at Amazon, and iBook at a reasonable price.

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