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THE BOOK OF THE YEAR "NATURE HITS BACK" - Now available as Ebook on Amazon and Google Play Store!

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“Fantastically Ambitious Novel by Michel F. Bolle”


How does it feel when sometime in space of the galaxy, the tides turn, nature makes a swift, unnoticed change and just like that, everything changes? This is the story portray in Michel F. Bolle’s fantastically ambitious first novel and it confirms his talent as an outstanding storyteller and entertainer.

The story is best described as captivating from the very first page, adding incredible twists and great characters as you read through every other single page. This story will definitely grab your attention until the end; you wouldn’t want to blink an eye. Michel’s Bolle’s “NATURE HITS BACK” is a Book that will make you think, long after you finished reading.

In the novel, the author tells the story of Alex, which one day recognizes that a tree is growing in his swimming pool which was quite unusual. It starts as being a surprising discovery but will eventually become a global problem. First plants, then animals will take back what humans have taken from them in the past centuries. Alex experiences several happenings in his garden and around his house, and from radio he keeps himself up to date with the news from all around the world. When everyone believed that the world will be lost, Alex might have some ideas on how to best solve the problem. But definitely, the world has changed forever because Nature is taking her revenge.

Michel F. Bolle believes that the world is a beautiful place, and if living was a pastime, he definitely would fascinate that. He says that ‘”there is an inherent beauty in nature; its complete rawness, that innate quality of it that even the best artists cannot capture on the most inspiring of canvasses; its softer side, the flowers, the colors, the splashes of colors that are inundated on the rim, looking rightfully and artfully placed. And owing to nature and every other entity; humans, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the daily activities that characterizes our living, the world is such a complex place. There are discoveries today that hadn’t been made a hundred years ago, and there will be new discoveries a hundred years from now. It is exciting, the new pace at which science and technology have impacted on the world. But it is not always roses and flowers, because usually in these developments, something very germane is left out; the place of nature.”

Michel, in an unusual story telling way, tries to describe how our fast paced lives, science and technologies and what have you, are contributing to harming our beautiful world and Mother Nature. This may just be a wakeup call for everybody as Michel opens our eyes to the impending dangers of our impacts in a fictional way of Nature taking revenge on us. Or maybe this is just prophesy we only hope “Nature Hits Back” not.

This novel is a must read for everyone!

Download this great book now  from Amazon and Google Play Store!

About The Author: Michel F. Bolle is an outstanding storyteller, and a former coach of the Swiss Mens Volleyball National team.

© 2016 Michel F. Bolle

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