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The Best Spirit Company Inc announces that Mexican police find 10,000 bottles of fake Whisky in Aguascalientes – Mexico

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Federal Police (PGR) in Aguascalientes said an analysis of the supposed Williamson 18 and Paddington’s whisky revealed is was fake whisky.

Mexican Federal police have hailed the discovery of more than 10,000 bottles of fake Williamson 18 and Paddington whisky sold at “Bodega Alameda” and “Don Vino” liquor store chains in Aguascalientes as one of the most significant seizures of counterfeit liquors in Mexico.

The Federal Police estimated the illicit loot is worth about MN$10,000,000 ($500 K ) and said an analysis of the supposed whisky revealed it was fake.

PGR in Aguascalientes who were examining a separate liquor business owned by Nicolas Martinez Lara happened to come across some whisky bottles with a label on it that lacked a manufacturing serial number.

The proliferation of counterfeit liquors is a known problem for liquor makers but the Mexican Federal Police news signaled it as a significant issue for the world’s top whisky producers.

The Mexican police said several people had been found in the Martinez’s plant where the fake bottles were being produced. Police also said they found “interesting documentation” after plant searches, and that the investigation into the counterfeit bottles was continuing, zeroing in on the source of the whisky and other packaging materials that were discovered to produce fake tequila as well.

Williamson 18 ® and Paddington ® whisky brands are registered trademark  and listed by IMPI (Instituto Mexicano de la Propriedad Industrial) as Marca Registrada which is the equivalent of a Registered Trademark in the USA.

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