Tax Season is Right Time to Focus on Resolving Your Debt Issues

BUFFALO, NY - 04/21/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The Law Offices of Graham & Borgese, LLP protect consumers from debt collector abuse, improper judgments and wage garnishments that affect your financial well-being. We realize that no matter what the reason for your monetary woes, your overall goal is to improve your financial situation as quickly as possible. That is why our law firm fights diligently to help our clients settle their debts and or resolve their debt related issues.

“Combined we have approximately two decades’ worth of experience focusing our entire practice on helping consumers resolve their debt-related problems. That experience has enabled us to garner an impressive reputation throughout New York State amongst the debt collection firms and Courts we routinely deal with. If you are injured in a car, you would search for the best car accident attorney – you wouldn’t handle a case on your own.

So, if you are faced with a debt issue that is quickly escalating, you need to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who is focused on debt resolution to ensure that your rights and protections are fully enforced.” ~ Kris J. Graham, Esq

Now that tax time is upon us, it is important to highlight several considerations for those that may have new or unresolved debt problems.

Dealing With Problems That Surface at Tax Time:

Has your tax refund been garnished or diverted to settle a debt judgment against you? It is possible that an individual can be unaware of a judgment or garnishment until refunds or other payments are not received as planned. People may realize they have a frozen bank account as they try to access their personal funds. These are real issues that can add tremendous stress to individuals and their families, especially if the situation comes to you unexpectedly.

Be proactive. Take control of your finances and keep good records of your accounts, and any payments you make to reduce balances on loans, mortgages, or other credit accounts. When a problem arises - expected or unexpected – gather your information and contact our attorneys for guidance.

Did you know that quite often a creditor’s internal billing errors can lead to misguided collection attempts or even judgments? Having detailed records – especially regarding accounts that have been paid off – can be one way of ensuring that you are not stuck paying a debt you don’t believe you owe.

Periodic checks of your credit report can also help to ensure that any suspicious negative activity is addressed right away, before the problem can worsen.

Furthermore, if you are experiencing an issue with a creditor it is so important to keep great notes and records of the issue at hand, because that information and record may prove to be the evidence needed to avoid larger headaches down the road.

Understanding Opportunities for Resolving Debt Issues:

The tax season also may provide an opportunity to take any refund you receive and begin to address unresolved debt issues you may have. It is important to understand that removing debt and reducing credit issues from your financial history is a valuable investment in your financial future. We do not want your anxiety or fear of the unknown to deter you from getting the information that you need. We offer free consultations to help you understand the process, your rights and the options available to you.

“We understand that debt-issues can be extremely stressful and we are truly dedicated to empowering individuals struggling with debt who might otherwise feel helpless. We routinely provide people with the tools needed to avoid filing bankruptcy, and in the process help them improve their credit, improve their financial outlook, and live their lives free from the anxiety that being in debt can cause. That is why we go to work every day. It makes us extremely proud to be able to do that for so many New Yorkers.” ~ Frank Borgese, Esq. 

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