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Sticks and Stones: Next Level Boost Unveils Innovative New Review Game and Survey for Businesses Where Customers Fight Zuckerberg, Yelp to Leave a Review

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  RAMSEY, NEW JERSEY - 06/11/2018

Next Level Boost today announced the launch of an innovative new service designed to help businesses across North America to combat the ever-present menace of irate Yelp reviewers. In turn, the pioneering online reputation management firm has made the difficult, sometimes delicate, process of asking customers for a review fun – simply by adding a unique twist to the whole process: video gaming.

In throwing the classic survey form out the window, the firm has developed a new, fun, and interactive video game with custom animated graphics, designed to engage customers and collect their reviews. Accessible from both mobile and desktop devices in a browser, no download is required for what some marketing experts are hailing as a major new development in acquiring customer reviews while boosting social media engagement.

The move marks a potential new direction for the online reputation management industry, as well as a clear shot at some of the world’s biggest review sites. By leveraging gamification, Next Level Boost has also tapped into a powerful marketing strategy that is leveraged by some of the world’s most popular apps and social media sites to influence consumer behavior.

Next Level boost also released two examples of how their unique surveys work: one for a restaurant, another for a hotel, where players work through a carefully-crafted level in stages, fighting with Billion Dollar Bullies such as Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and even the Yelp monster among others.

“Online reviews are an enormously powerful, influential form of advertising that also enhances search engine rankings and visibility. However, asking for those reviews and then getting them isn’t always easy. What we’ve done is made it a fun process that draws people in,” said William Stevens, CEO of Next Level Boost.

“While large corporations have millions of dollars to spend on advertising and reputation management, we work with small businesses on much tighter budgets, helping them to build a positive online footprint on platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Our new survey-video game drives people’s curiosity to play and write reviews: at the same time, businesses benefit from more positive reviews while reducing the effects of negative reviews.”

A recent survey from Dimensional Research, sponsored by Zendesk, revealed that 95% of customers were likely to share a bad experience, as opposed to 87% for a good experience. However, not all reviews are equal: Just ask Masterpiece Cakeshop, the Colorado bakery behind the 2012 “gay wedding cake” scandal. Over six years later, the bakery’s Yelp reviews have plummeted once again from malicious reviews across the world in light of a case that has got as far as the Supreme Court.

While the Masterpiece Cakeshop story is exceptional, many businesses face the issue of simply not having enough reviews and the struggle to gain more. Next Level Boost’s approach is winning plaudits from industry watchers for its approach that seamlessly drives customers to visit each site and leave a review as they go through the highly customized game.

“We realize how difficult it is to make asking for a review anything other than yet another boring request that’s easy for people to ignore. That’s why we’ve created this lighthearted approach that’s engaging, interactive, and makes people smile – where else can you fight Mark Zuckerberg and win?” added Stevens. “We also help our customers to manage their reputation in other ways using intelligent review funnels to minimize the impact of a poor review.”

For more information about Next Level Boost and how the company is helping businesses across the United States, Canada, and further abroad to manage their reputation, please visit, or watch the video below. For all general and media inquiries regarding the technology and vision behind Next Level Boost, please contact William Stevens at 201-248-6505 or email him at

About Next Level Boost

Next Level Boost is an innovative new platform that makes it easy for businesses to get reviews and increase social media engagement. The company combines custom animated graphics, gameplay elements, and surveys to drive customers through review funnels on multiple websites. For more information about Next Level Boost, please visit the company’s website.

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