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Steth IO launches the Smartphone Stethoscope that enables doctors to see and hear both heart and lung sounds.

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Steth IO is modernizing the 200-year-old stethoscope for the age of the smartphone. The company today announced the commercial availability of the world’s first smartphone stethoscope, which brings real-time visualization to heart and lung sounds. This enables physicians to see auscultation sounds they may not hear. It also allows the findings to be saved and shared for a second opinion or expert consultation. 

Unlike traditional stethoscopes or even other digital stethoscopes, Steth IO’s patented device is integrated into a smartphone case and manufactured in the USA. It requires no batteries, charging or pairing to work, and can be used with just one hand, enabling faster, simpler exams. The physical device works with the Steth IO app, currently available as a free download from the App Store.

“I have been using this product for a few months now,” says Dr. Mahesh Mulumudi, founder of Steth IO and a practicing cardiologist, “and as well as helping my diagnoses, I’ve found patients are much more engaged in their own physical exam. They love to see and hear their own heart and lung sounds.”

The Steth IO product was first invented and designed by Suman Mulumudi, while he was at Lakeside School in Seattle. Since then, the company has patented the device and the product has been cleared by the FDA for use by medical professionals. It is currently available on the iPhone platform.

“This is a great device - the visualization and the playback capability are really useful. I think the ability to store serial exams will enhance patient care,” said Dr. Chris Ortiz, an ER physician based in San Antonio, TX. "When I use the device, some patients look at me as if I'm from Star Trek, it's pretty cool!". Dr. Ortiz is one of the many beta testers who have been using the Steth IO device over the last several months.

The Stethoscope can be purchased online at and has a list price of $199.

About Steth IO

Steth IO is dedicated to building technology to improve patient experience and outcomes. Our smartphone stethoscope uses the ubiquity of mobile phones with the power of machine learning to make the heart and lung exams more objective. Unlike traditional stethoscopes or expensive alternatives like echocardiograms, our product allows physicians to hear, visualize, and analyze heart and lung sounds for improved diagnoses. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @Stethio

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