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Startup makes donating fun again & changes the way we feel about online video ads!

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Donating money to charities by watching video's

  WORLD - 10/01/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

A new startup from the Netherlands called UNAS (United Necessitous Aid Simplified) has found a way
to make video advertisements useful: You could use them to donate money to non-profit organizations!

NPO's can post "impact video's on the UNAS platform and receive $0.50 for every single view of that video.
The service is much needed since charitable giving is not popular among the current youth due to a lack of transparency.
UNAS offers a way of receiving frequent and REAL feedback from charities in an easy to digest video format which they
have become so accustomed to.
Advertisers have agreed to work with UNAS because it offers them a way of leaving a positive brand feeling with the watcher,
since they expect the ad and know that the advertiser has chosen to allocate their marketing budget for helping those in need.

The company has now started an Indiegogo campaign & a petition to raise awareness and create a strong brand name.
Once their website gets enough traffic the platform, which has been fully developed, will be opened to the public.

Benefits for NPO/NGO

  • No marketing expenditure
  • More exposure than before and a bigger funding pool than anywhere else
  • Connecting with followers instantly and creating a true bond with them
  • Enrolling more volunteers since impact videos show true human interactions

Benefits for Advertisers

  • 1 place for all their advertising needs
  • Knowing that every viewed ad creates a positive impact
  • Combining advertisement and CSR budgets
  • Knowing that viewers of their ads are left with a positive feeling rather than annoyance

Benefits for the user

  • No more annoying advertisements where they do not want them
  • Never spending their own money on charitable giving
  • Seeing exactly what their funds are being used for
  • Being part of a global movement that makes the world a little less horrible 

Media Contacts:

person_outline  Full Name:Michael OPM
phone  Phone Number:0031623327415
business_center  Company:United Necessitous Aid Simplified B.V.
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