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Site Raft Launches with New Website Migration Service

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Site Raft is the new “website moving service” from Pittsburgh-based 2440 Media ( that promises to move a company’s website between hosting providers seamlessly and quickly.

Hosting companies are constantly lowering prices and adding value to entice businesses to move their websites, but for many the headache is almost not worth the savings or added value. Loss of data, downtime, compromised security, technical know-now—all of these are what companies believe they are facing with a website migration.  2440 Media is a Pittsburgh-based web design and development company that believes they may have the solution to this problem. Site Raft is a niche service provider that only moves and migrates websites from one host to another or one owner to another.  The service promises minimal to no downtime, complete website setup and verification, migration of all website files and data, as well as, a 30 day backup.

“We were already doing this at 2440 Media as an additional service for our web design clients,” says owner Robert Kruse.  “After doing 100’s of website migrations, we were able to develop a set of processes and procedures that made the whole process very robust and painless for our clients and realized we needed to market this valuable service all by itself.”

Millions of websites are transferred monthly and many of them see issues with downtime, data loss, and other interruptions of service that can cause them to lose customers and expose vulnerabilities to their brand. By creating a new service with a team that focuses solely on migration, this Pittsburgh firm is now creating a niche subject matter expertise that can be extreme value-added to clients.

“We copy and backup the website. We install it on the new host and then run a series of tests to verify that the new website works,” says Robert Kruse.  “After moving so many websites, we have it down to a fine art and can give our clients a one hundred percent guarantee on the migration.”

The company promises not only that the transfer will be 100% complete but that all of the data is secured and protected so that their website migration clients can continue business as usual with absolute confidence in the integrity of their website transfer.

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