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SEI Club Dating Releases New Unlimited Membership

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For some people, any restrictions are too, well, restrictive, no matter what the circumstances.

Elite matchmaking service SEI Club now has an option to meet the needs of the ultra-affluent who want to find a true romantic partner without a limit on: the number of matches, the time it takes to find the perfect person, or the location of potential matches.

“We know that some people want to be completely free to explore their options when it comes to finding the right person with whom to form a lasting romantic relationship,” an SEI Club spokesperson said. “We developed the Million Dollar Membership to offer a truly unlimited option for our members. People don’t want to rush into things, and they want to ensure that if one match doesn’t work out, they’ll be able to have access to an unlimited personalized portfolio of matches so they can enjoy meeting matches again without any perceived restrictions.”

SEI Club serves financially independent, successful singles, including entrepreneurs, models, CEOs, high level professionals, and more. As shared in SEI Club reviews the service is high quality and enjoyable for club members. Each membership applicant goes through an extremely rigorous screening process that culminates in a personal meeting with a member of the club’s executive team. Applicants are screened for success, education, personality and overall outlook, sophistication, positive values and more. During the screening, the executive team member also ascertains the applicant’s romantic preferences and dating goals.

The screening process allows the club to determine which applicants will be most successful in dating and perhaps forming lasting romantic attachments, the club spokesperson said.

“We’re very, very selective in who becomes a member. We only accept those who we’re sure can be good romantic partners. One way we determine this is by seeing how closely an applicant follows the ‘Golden Rule,’ which is to say, if they treat others the way they would like to be treated. We know that people who act in that way make far better partners.”

In all, less than 35 percent of applicants are accepted. Having unlimited access to such high level selectivity is what makes the Million Dollar Membership attractive to some members, the spokesperson said. These are members who almost can’t date anywhere else given their higher standards. Indeed, SEI Club has a wealth of current and past member reviews that showcase positive feedback from members. Some of that feedback can be found here: SEI Club reviews.

“Our members know that we have the most amazing pool of potential matches of any dating or matchmaking service. Our clients are the financial, social and cultural elite, and they are very demanding when it comes to finding the right person with whom to be in a relationship. Those who choose the Million Dollar Membership know that they’ll be able to find someone special because we are so selective in accepting new members and they have unlimited access. It’s fun for them to meet and date other members.”

Other memberships are available, with fees ranging from $1,200 for a basic membership up to $300,000 for private memberships. Members at every level are guaranteed a certain number of matches over a specific period of time. For members who prefer it, the Million Dollar Membership gives a new level of freedom, the spokesperson said.

“For those who are truly looking for the right person, an unlimited membership makes a lot of sense. We really pride ourselves on our matchmaking abilities. Members never have to worry about spending a date with an unsuitable match, because we weed those out so they don’t have to.” And SEI Club reviews confirm this as members share requested feedback about the time saved by using the service as well as the positive dating and matchmaking experience they have had with the club.

And because SEI Club executive team members get to know each member personally, including finding out their likes and dislikes, the matches the club offers are individually tailored.

“Our members find it essential that their potential romantic partners are drawn from the same pool of elite, successful professionals that they belong to,” the spokesperson said. “That’s why they join SEI Club in the first place. We don’t just offer dates, we offer a luxurious experience where people can meet high-caliber singles who they’ll really enjoy getting to know, and possibly even forming lasting, romantic relationships with.”

Another reason that some are drawn to the club and it’s Million Dollar Membership is that SEI Club offers a discreet dating and matchmaking experience.

“Our members include some extremely high profile public figures,” the spokesperson said. “For them, traditional dating is difficult, if not impossible. They’re simply too well-known, and they require privacy, discretion, and an exceptionally high quality dating experience. With SEI Club they know they’re meeting people who are successful and financially established in their own right, and that we’ve thoroughly vetted each person they meet. They know that we’re committed to protecting their privacy.” SEI Club reviews from club members share this sentiment.

Member focus, including the protection of privacy, is a point of seriousness for SEI Club, the spokesperson said. 
“We take our privilege to find the right person for each member very seriously. We work with a discriminating clientele; people who are used to the very best in life. We want to not only meet their expectations, but to exceed them in every way.”

The means handling the arrangement of every detail of an introduction, from the original match to making arrangements for the date. SEI Club reviews mention that the dates are orchestrated in a way that is convenient and easy for all members.

“Dates and introductions can be a source of stress for everyone involved,” the spokesperson said. “We create a situation where people can simply show up to a date and enjoy getting to know the other person. And we follow up with each member after a date to get their initial feedback and also to see if both people are interested in getting to know each other further.”

The commitment to its members is one of the reasons that people become so reliant on SEI Club, the spokesperson said. They know that the executive team is truly trying to help them fulfill their relationship goals. is considered one of, if not the best dating and matchmaking experience available.

“We’re willing to scour the entire world to find the right match for our members. A professional life full of success and joy can seem empty if someone doesn’t have a partner to share life with. We work to find our members the partners they’re looking for, and to find them people who truly understand what their life means because they, too, are accomplished. SEI Club reviews show case the satisfaction that members experience once they meet someone with whom they believe they can have a relationship.

“Being in a relationship with a true partner can make an already great life seem that much sweeter. That’s what we want to offer our members at SEI Club.”

More information about SEI Club as well as regular updates can be found on the club’s twitter account here:

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