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Second Phone Number App Dollar Digits is Offering Free Trials

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Dollar Digits, one of the premier second phone number apps, is now offering a 3 day free phone number trial for customers interested in trying their services.  The Dollar Digits app is compatible with both iPhone and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  Now, after downloading the free app, customers can trial a phone number for three days.  This trial includes both free calls and free messaging.  After the trial expires customers can choose a plan that best fits their needs.  The Dollar Digits 3 Day free phone number trial is perfect for people who are trying to see how Dollar Digits will fit into their life.  By using the trial to see how they use they app, users will be better able to know what plan is the fit for their lives.  Because Dollar Digits does not rely on contracts, customers can easily change plans or numbers as their needs change. 

Dollar Digits is popular with a variety of groups.  Many small business owners are finding that the free phone number app allows them a convenient way to have a business line without buying a second device.  People entering new relationships are finding that the anonymity of the Dollar Digits phone numbers are allowing them to be themselves in their new relationship without concern about harassment that could impact their primary number.  Because the Dollar Digits phone numbers can be easily cancelled or changed, giving a Dollar Digits phone number out to someone does not carry nearly the risk of giving out a primary phone number.  Some people just use Dollar Digits to talk to other friends and family members who also have Dollar Digits because Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls are always free.

Creator and owner Jack Lombardi is excited to offer more options to mobile phone users.  The free phone number app will allow users to try Dollar Digits with no risk and with no expenses.  After users have enjoyed their free 3 day trial, users can then decide if they would like to buy a plan and continue using their free phone number app.  The free phone number app is not only for phone calls, but can also send and receive texts as well. 

About Dollar Digits: is one of the leading anonymous phone number apps and provides users with a private phone number.  This number is disposable but can be used for as long as a user wants.  This phone number has messaging and voicemail and can be used in the same way as a primary number.  Dollar Digits is pleased to see that their app is helping to give mobile phone users more options when communicating.

For more information on Dollar Digits and their free anonymous phone number app and free trial plan please go to to learn more about getting a free second phone number app for iPhone or Android.

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