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SEATTLE — GLP Attorneys is a personal injury firm operating in the Pacific Northwest, both US and Canada for nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence, as well as other areas of personal injury, with its primary offices in Seattle, Washington.

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One of the premier personal injury firms in the area, GLP has established a reputation for excellence, based off a string of successful legal battles, an aggressive pursuit of legal justice, and compassion for its clients and families.  Their recent win in the case of the Lakeside Adult Family Home, not only benefited their clients, but also helped to establish new and beneficial case law in elder care for cases in nursing home negligence and nursing home abuse. 

The victory in this case resonated not only with the family and loved ones of the deceased, 83-year old Ho Im Bae, but established specific criteria and course of action when abuse is reported.  A unanimous Supreme Court held the vulnerable adult statute chapter RCW 74.34 in Bae v. Lakeside Adult Family Home (S.C. #91536-9) and has given “teeth” to the statute, making it easier to prosecute, punish, and even deter elder abuse.  The results of the court case determined that there is an “implied course of action” when someone has failed to report abuse, neglect, or suspicion thereof when it comes to adult caregivers; a clear-cut victory for the rights and dignity of our elderly population.

GLP Attorneys began their representation of the Estate of Ho Im Bae in 2011. Bae was a resident of the adult family home in Lynnwood. During her stay at the home, she received not only poor care, but abusive and deleterious care that resulted in her death.  Alpha Nursing Services employees, Christine Thomas, R.N. and Marian Binondo, L.P.N. witnessed Bae falling, saw bruising on her head and face, and even witnessed her being dragged, unconscious by a nursing assistant. Moreover, they were also informed that she was being given morphine by an in-home assistant—something that would later be the cause of death. 

Binondo did not report what she witnessed, and Thomas left only a non-urgent message to DSHS.  While earlier the Snohomish County trial court found they had fulfilled their duty, GLP kept pursuing the matter until it reached the Supreme Court which upheld the “vulnerable adult statute” and gave directions as to the legal responsibility of caregivers to report and assist.  The law firm is delighted to announce this precedence-setting victory.

“We are proud to announce this victory for the estate of Ho Im Bae, but also families everywhere who have experienced the loss of an elderly loved one in the care of those who claim to be medical and health providers.  Nursing and elder care homes are given a great deal of trust over people incredibly vulnerable and it is important that they fulfill not only their Hippocratic oath, but on their duties as humans.” – James Gooding, GLP Senior Partner and Lead Counsel.

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