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Sam Bernstein shares Criminal Defense Lawyer Tips

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Let’s say you’ve been charged with a crime and don’t want to settle for a plea bargain. You want to fight the criminal case against you and need to know what to do. Here’s a criminal defense lawyer’s tips for beating your case.

Hire a Lawyer Right Away

Sounds self-serving, right? But it’s true. You will increase your chances of beating a case when you hire a lawyer immediately. Hiring a lawyer well before your case starts has several advantages.

First, your lawyer can begin investigation on your case. In many cases, lawyers must file Freedom of Information Act requests with police agencies to obtain videos and police reports. These requests take time to complete. Starting the process early will ensure the lawyer can get all important materials before the case starts. Waiting until the case officially begins means the lawyer will be simply waiting for the materials to arrive instead of immediately preparing for trial.

Second, the lawyer can begin preparation immediately. Trials are not simple matters. Lawyers must spend dedicated time to prepare and strategize. The more time the better. You want your lawyer to spend a much time as possible on your case. 

Many people wait until the last minute to hire a lawyer for their case. This puts the lawyer at a disadvantage because the lawyer will have less time to prepare for the case. Hire a lawyer early to start fighting the case as soon as possible.

Help Your Lawyer

Sounds self-serving again, right? It’s important to listen to your lawyer and follow your lawyer’s directions.

In preparation for your case, your lawyer may ask you to help. For example, I will often ask the client to draw a diagram of the action of an event or a diagram of the inside of a house. These diagrams may be crucial for the lawyer’s preparation of the case. Draw the diagrams right away for the attorney and put in as much detail as possible. This help your lawyer.

Your lawyer may also ask you to come to the office for meetings or may call you for information. It’s important for you to keep those meeting and answer those calls. It’s good that your lawyer is bugging you for meetings and calls. That means your lawyer is out there working on your case. Delaying these meetings or calls will slow your lawyer down. Make your lawyer’s job easier and make sure the lawyer has all the information needed to fight the case.


Get a lawyer early in the process and help your lawyer. Your lawyer is out there fighting your case. Make the lawyer’s job easier. This is not just self-serving for the lawyer. All the help you give the lawyer will ultimately help you beat your case.

Author Bio

Sam Bernstein of ArborYpsi Law is a criminal defense lawyer in Washtenaw County, Michigan. You can reach Sam at 734.883.9584 or by e-mail at ArborYpsi Law is located at 4158 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

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