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Ryan McAweeney Considering Opening Affiliate Business

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Ryan McAweeney, founder of VDMG, is considering opening an affiliate marketing business in San Diego. The marketing executive took a step back from his roll at VDMG in early 2016, he now plans on exploring several new business opportunities.

“In the marketing industry we’ve seen a lot of growth in the affiliate marketing game,” McAweeney says, “Firms are now looking directly to individuals to market their materials. In that past, long-term marketing campaigns were the coveted ways of creating brand recognition and achieving sales goals. Now, companies will allow you to advertise their products for them and give you a commission on the proceeds.”

Affiliate marketing is relatively new in the advertising industry. As online retail began to increase in the early 2000s, firms began to give bloggers and other types of online entrepreneurs the ability to market their products for them. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement as retailers only have to pay affiliates for the products they are able to sell.

“At VDMG we worked with a lot of clients to improve their sales conversions,” McAweeney says, “This involved a lot of direct marketing, and because of that I believe that I have the skills necessary to compete in the affiliate marketing game.”

Because of the online nature of affiliate marketing, individuals are able to operate from anywhere in the world. Affiliate marketers normally set up online review sites and blogs that cater to specific niches. When someone clicks to buy a product the host site registers this and then provides the retailer with the affiliate marketer that created the lead. The retailer then provides the affiliate with a percentage profit share of the product sold - this percentage is often 5%, but can sometimes be as high as 40%.

“I see this as a perfect opportunity to receive real performance based commission on the marketing that I do,” McAweeney said about his new venture.

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