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Room for cinema industry to grow in Thailand by the year 2018

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The Thai government has approved a rebate for international productions that spend at least $1.5m. (The nation – 12 January 2017)


Thailand has finally secured government approval for production incentives in the form of a 15-20% cash rebate on qualifying local spend.

Expected to kick in from January 2017, the incentive offers a 15% rebate on international productions that spend at least $1.5m in the country, with a yet-to-be determined upper limit to prevent a single big-budget production from emptying the pot.

An additional 3% is available for films that use key Thai cast or crew when shooting in the country and a further 2% for films that have particular value in promoting Thailand.

Thailand’s deputy prime minister Tanasak Patimapragorn and Minister of Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul were both in Cannes to announce the incentive. “We’ve been working very hard to come up with this scheme and we hope you’ll look at Thailand in a new light. We’re committed to making our country a dream destination for everybody,” said Wattanavrangkul.

Thailand is already one of Asia’s most popular filming locations – recent productions to shoot in the country include The Mechanic and Chinese thriller Battle Of Memories. Although competitors also provide such incentives but thailand has maintained its repo in providing best facilities to the international film producers.

The Thai government has been working on an incentives scheme for several years. The new incentive will be managed by the Thailand Film Office, working with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce.

Thailand Film Crew offerings for international film producers

Come to magical Thailand for an array of superbly qualified crews that include camera operators, production coordinators, script supervisors and sound mixers. Thailand even provides Directors and Production Managers to fill your crew as necessary

Beyond a phenomenally trained and enterprising film industry, Thailand also offers to bring imagination into reality. With beautiful geographical locations, producers can bring into reality their imaginary scenes. Thailand can be described as a place where every scenic beauty persists and a perfect place to shoot.

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