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Rising Search Engine Optimization Company Voted 'Colorado's Best' Gets Recognized As A Real Money-Maker For Business Owners Offering Professional Services And Wanting To Target A Geographic Area.

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You already know that the number one game of all businesses of ‘today’ is who can get their website to rank on the first page of GoogleTM for keyword strings that define the exact services that you offer in the exact same area where you offer it, and evidently stay on page one despite the GoogleTM algorithm updates.

The second most important thing to have in addition to that. is traffic. You can't survive as a business owner in today's social-media-driven – traffic-based – world, unless you have the quality of life that comes from local targeted visitors who eagerly are looking for what you offer and arriving on your website on autopilot.

Now, you can have that! In fact, in Colorado and California, a somewhat underground exists, call it a secret society of A-List business owners and entrepreneurs if you will, from the upper echelon of business like family law and personal injury lawyers, doctors, surgeons, cosmetic dentists and Orthodontists, who are enthusiastically enjoying this phenomenon with their websites. They are getting optimized for keywords the way GoogleTM used to allow it in the old days when ‘keywords’ ruled the search landscape and are attracting thousands of local monthly and targeted visitors on autopilot, using a proprietary system of on-page code, keyword-focused content and acquiring authority backlinks, developed by Denver tech innovator, Mr. Marshall Adler, the Founder of Sky High Media and

Sky High Media was recently touted as Colorado’s Best SEO company by Channel 2 and Fox 31, where Mr. Adler introduces the first attorney in Colorado to advertise in the Yellow Pages.

The attorney says that he advertised for 10 years without ever seeing any real new business and after he decided to embrace newer technology he met Mr. Adler and within 30 days of optimization he achieved page one organic and Google “snack pack” map rankings for his best keywords and as a result has had to hire three new people to take on the caseloads because his site traffic went from a hundred visitors monthly to nearly 1000 just by showing up for keywords and search strings that hungry buyers are using when they go to major search engines.

You can watch this eye-opening LIVE segment at:

After the live show, Mr. Adler was asked by Channel 2 producers if he only works with high-impact owners who inevitably produce higher profit margins than most small businesses and Mr. Adler revealed that they offer service to any business who wants page one rankings for their best keywords and the only contingency is that at a minimum, one new client acquired for that business, generates at least $3000 in net revenue over 1 year.

That’s huge because most service-based businesses, medical retail and legal retail including specialty contractors can now tap into this amazing phenomenon and get the organic placements you’re after to rapidly increase revenues, site traffic and monthly conversions.

If more sales, calls, downloads, subscribers, appointments, followers and LIKES coming in your direction is what you want to achieve in your marketing endeavors from now on and not just this year, you really should take a look at Sky High Media and what they’re doing to help businesses achieve better exposure and better traffic online.

Mr. Adler had this to say to Channel 2 Producers, “It’s not just that we can rank websites on the first page of GoogleTM geographically in 90-days or less and we drive an abundance of targeted traffic from the preferred local area of service, we partner with Conversion Rate Optimization experts who take the traffic we send and help convert them into new money for our clients. Our clients go from nowhere to ‘famous’ in a short period.”

Sky High Media says they invented everything they do and even though their clients admit that the methodologies are a bit out there, they are still approved to work despite algorithms and it really does work to improve local traffic and generate new sales, and conversion on autopilot for businesses anywhere in the USA.

Request a demo of their flagship product, ‘Geographic SEO with Guaranteed Placements in 90-Days or Less!’ or talk to their clients and see for yourself how a new perspective on marketing your services online can get you page one organic rankings in 90-days or less for your best keywords and drive more traffic that converts.

Mr. Adler can be found on LinkedIn if you’d like to connect with him. He welcomes all business owners to request a connection or check out his website for more information, and provided you’re open to a demo or discussion about improving website placements and online traffic, Mr. Adler is more than happy to connect.

Don't hesitate on a chance to dominate your market. Sky High Media can be reached any time Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM MST at 1-(800) 313-8908. 

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